For Doctors & Practitioners

When your practice is busy, I know it’s difficult to support patients between office visits and ensure they follow through on advice. That’s where I can help. I give thyroid and autoimmune sufferers the day-to-day support and encouragement they need to stick with healing protocols and get results.

Through my health coaching practice, Thyroid Loving Care, I help thyroid and autoimmune sufferers make diet and lifestyle changes that greatly improve their healing outcomes. I work closely with them to reduce stress levels, improve their time management skills, adjust their work/life balance and make exercise a lasting habit. With an emphasis on learning self-care skills that will last a lifetime, I customize all of my programs to individual needs.

My TLC programs can complement your practice and help your thyroid and autoimmune patients get the most from working with you. As someone who has grappled with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis myself, I have a real passion for helping others bring these debilitating conditions under control.

Would you like to support your patients on a daily basis but don’t have time? Would you like to have an ally in guiding patients through diet and lifestyle recommendations?

Please contact me today to discuss how we can empower your patients together.


Jen Wittman, CHHC, AADP