For Health Coaches

The thyroid and autoimmune community needs YOU.
Sadly, about 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, many of which go undiagnosed. Add to that another 50 million Americans affected with autoimmune disease and you can see why so many people are still suffering. Our current medical system has few answers for truly reversing or eliminating these diseases. However, with the right support and dietary and lifestyle changes, this can be done. That’s where you come in.


Will you carry this mission forward?
People suffering from these diseases are turning everywhere for help and they need YOU. This is a gravely under-served population and there is no shortage of clients. I’m working tirelessly to raise the bar on thyroid and autoimmune care, filling a giant gap that exists in our healthcare system, but I am only one person.


I want to support as many people as possible, and that’s why I need to train others to do this work. As many thyroid and autoimmune sufferers want to work with someone local to support their healing, I have been asked countless times if I would train others in my methods so that anyone anywhere could get the support they need.


A huge opportunity
Over the past few years, the list of people who are reaching out to me for coaching support far surpasses the number of hours I have available to coach.  Add to that the fact that Your BEST Thyroid Life will likely reach more than 2 Million people and you can imagine that I will be flooded with requests for coaching that I won’t be able to fulfill.


So, I’d love to create a group of trusted thyroid specialists I can refer potential clients to.


For this reason, I have created two groundbreaking thyroid and autoimmune certification programs for you. I want to create an army against thyroid and autoimmune disease so we can make them a thing of the past for everyone.


We need you. Are you ready?




PROGRAMS:  Beginning Early 2015


Certified Thyroid & Autoimmune Specialist

Program Investment: $2000*

In this program, you will learn the A-Zs of addressing thyroid and autoimmune disease. By the end of your training, you’ll have a concrete understanding of the endocrine system, physiology and psychology of this special group of people as well as my practical, step-by-step method for reversing these diseases.


Included is everything you need to add “Certified Thyroid or Autoimmune Specialist” to your resume and your practice including done-for-you materials, supplement and dietary recommendations as well as a powerful methods for reversing the disease.


This course is perfect for the professional who:

  • Wants to provide loving support to a community desperate to feel “normal” again
  • Is ready to grow his/her practice to incorporate thyroid and autoimmune healing for more clients
  • Wants a better understanding of how thyroid and autoimmune diseases affect the body
  • Is ready to add an outstanding healing protocol to their repertoire
  • Wants to serve and succeed both personally and professionally

*Payment Plan: 6-monthPayment Plan available through PayPal Credit.


**Textbooks not included.  Estimated cost: $100- $150



Certified Master Thyroid & Autoimmune Coach



Mastery is where the deep emotional healing and transformation occurs for the thyroid and autoimmune sufferer. Through this program, you’ll learn how to help your client access the inner life that may be holding them back from healing.



This course is perfect for:

  • Those who want to give their clients a deeper, richer experience complete with bigger breakthroughs and successes
  • Those with prior Transformational Coaching certifications who want to hone their skills for this particular group of people
  • Specialists looking to take their practice to the next level of professional and financial success with a targeted branding, marketing and strategic plan.


Prerequisite: Completion of TLC’s Certified Thyroid & Autoimmune Specialist program.





How it works:

Training programs are taught via a digital classroom over the course of 6 months.  Training is delivered virtually through an online training portal. You will also have LIVE group “office hour” calls with Jen to go over questions and material.  Throughout the program, exams will be given to asses comprehension on various topics, research and medical information integral to supporting clients with thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.  Exams are administered and graded virtually.  Practical training in client case management will also be provided.
Upon successful completion of the program (evaluated via participation, exam scores, case management and core competencies), you will receive a diploma and be certified as a thyroid & autoimmune specialist.
The program runs 6-months but you have up to a year to complete the coursework and exams.  This program can be done at your own pace and on your own time.
What you get:
  • 6-months of specialized training in the nutritional, lifestyle psychological and physiological needs of those suffering from thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.
  • Done for you health history, intake, client forms and more!
  • Live training/Office Hours with Jen
  • Private Facebook Community for training, connecting with other coaches, collaboration & support
  • Tailored client leads from overflow of incoming client requests
  • Bonus: access to the Thyroid Fix in 6 coaching portal
  • Graduate Certificate to hang on your office wall!



  • To enroll for the 2015 training, place your order through this link.  You’ll receive your digital welcome package with program details and information in January (after we all get through the holiday madness.)
  • Enrollment closes on December 19th, 2014.


I can’t wait for you to join us in supporting the millions of people needlessly suffering from these conditions.  Help us make raise the bar on thyroid care and make a difference in someone’s life today!


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