Love letters

Thyroid, Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disorders

I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend three months working with Jen to improve my overall health, wellness and stress management. Early in the year I was diagnosed with borderline auto-immune disorder, fatty liver and stress-induced early menopause. My physician firmly believed that all of these issues could be greatly improved and even reversed through making significant changes to my diet, exercise routine, and overall daily routine and lifestyle. Being that i’m a full-time working mother of two kids under the age of 5, making these changes was quite daunting and no easy task. But Jen made it all possible. Her knowledge of the health issues I was dealing with, her expertise about food and nutrition, her systematic approach to creating a personal and family schedule that minimized my stress level, and her compassionate, supporting and encouraging personality provided me with the tools I needed to make these important changes. Nearly six months later I am 30 pounds lighter, maintaining a consistent work-out routine 5 days per week, preparing healthy meals for myself and my family, and best of all, feeling better physically and mentally than I’ve felt in about six years. My doctor is thrilled with my progress. And I don’t think I could have done it without Jen!

Amy R.
Westchester, CA

Just weeks before my Discovery Consult with Jen, I began a very personal journey to learn everything about thyroid health that I could. I had been diagnosed Hypo for 8 years and was told at the time of my diagnosis that the only treatment I needed was a synthetic thyroid hormone to bring my thyroid levels back to normal.

I found out 8 years later that its not as simple as feeding my body a synthetic thyroid hormone everyday. Regardless of my TSH numbers, I gained 30 pounds in two years (on a plant based, vegan diet!) I was feeling horrible and constantly sick, and had no energy what-so-ever. I felt like I did before my diagnosis. A doctors visit and many blood tests later, I found myself even more confused than I was before. On top of the confusion in the blood results, there was so much mixed information about what to eat and what not to eat, what meds and vitamins to take and not to take, and I didn’t know what to trust. I needed guidance.

My life was craving the consult and wealth of information I was about to receive from Jen. She helped me realize my vegan diet wasn’t appropriate for my unique body and recognizing this would be difficult for me to receive, she was extremely encouraging and supportive. By the end of the session, she made many life-changing recommendations that have given me amazing results. Just a few weeks after our session, I have found myself ten pounds lighter and slowly but surely, life and energy is coming back to my body.

Finding a health coach with the knowledge and understanding of thyroid health that Jen has is hard to come by but I’m thankful the universe led me to her. Immediately after talking to her, I filled with confidence about how to move forwards, the confusion melted away and I began making the recommended changes immediately. I haven’t felt this good in years. Thanks Jen!!

Emmy F.
Van Nuys, CA

Someone in the health field who I respect tremendously, recommended I sign up for Jen’s free thyroid and autoimmune e-course. She has seen the many physical and emotional ups and downs I have been on over the past 14 years with Hashimoto’s and thought that this might help. Boy was she correct!

This 15 day e-course was one of the best steps I have ever taken in my journey towards good health. It wasn’t so much that it was new information that was presented because believe me, I have researched and researched and researched some more through the years but, it was the way the information was presented that made the impact on me. It really broke down the many obstacles that we face on this journey towards good health, some that we don’t even realize are a problem.

Each day I waited anxiously for the next email to come in my inbox to see what new information was being presented. By the time I finished the course I knew in my heart that Jen was someone that I wanted to work with. I felt a connection instantly to this person who is hundreds of miles away. She had walked in my shoes….her own journey of course…but so similar to mine and she had come out the other end. That was inspiring to me and at this point in my journey I really needed to feel hope again.

I called Jen on that day and scheduled my initial consult and I have never once regretted my decision. Our conversation was like talking to a friend but a friend who had been in the trenches with you and knew the way out. It was wonderful. We went over my different options and of course the finances came into play. This was a definite hurdle that I needed to overcome but my health is an even bigger hurdle and I knew I needed to figure out a way to do this for not only myself but for my family. I have chosen to look at this as an investment in myself because I deserve it and my children deserve it too. I already feel better just in the small time we have worked together because she has offered me hope, compassion and understanding and frankly you can’t put a price tag on that!

Heather M.
Mother of 4, Massachusetts

Because of a wonderful serendipitous conversation with a friend of my daughter’s I was introduced to Jen Wittman. I have struggled with an autoimmune thyroid disorder, Hashimotos Hypothyroidism for nearly 30 years without really understanding it.

I had done some random reading about it when I realized that my health symptoms were in fact again thyroid related though I have been medicated and monitored by traditional doctors all these years. I badly needed a real person to consult with and rely on for advice on how to feel better.

I have now worked with Jen only a few sessions but have learned so much from her not only about diet but also about taking care of myself in many other ways. For example I now have a daily personal schedule that Jen helped me create (I had no clue) that allows me to tend to my health……exercise, meal times and so forth.

I have hope for the first time and feel excited about my future. I feel better physically already. I still have a lot to learn but I trust that Jen will be a guiding support to me along the way.

I am very grateful to Jen. She is extremely knowledgeable, strong and confident but gentle and respectful at the same time. Working with her has made a huge difference in my life.

Jackie T.
Brentwood, CA, Interior Designer,

Jen is an amazing carer, in both a practical and personal sense. She is always supportive, calm, empathetic and able to help navigate the huge wealth of material out there on auto-immune conditions. As someone with Crohn’s disease, Jen has been tremendously helpful and thoughtful, offering a wholly integrated and intelligent approach. I am extremely grateful to her and full of admiration.

Sophie J.
Writer, UK

Having Lyme Disease, it has been really hard for me to take control of my health and do all the things I need to do to aid in my recovery process. Jen has taken that into her own hands and it has been an extreme load off of my plate and off of my mind. She did Lyme research for me, referred me to doctors that I would never have found on my own, she put me on a lyme friendly diet that has helped a lot of my symptoms ease up and she is always there to support me when I have questions and concerns.

I trust and take comfort in Jen’s support because she has reversed her own autoimmune disorder by nutrition and self care. She understands what I am going through and how I feel and knows that I can get better, that in itself is mentally relieving to me as I have seen many, many doctors that have not taken me seriously and written me off while writing yet another prescription that did not work.

Through my physical pain, fatigue and brain fog, I desperately needed someone to come in and give me stress relief techniques, Lyme facts and treatment options, continuous support and a nutrition plan and that is exactly what Jen did for me and so much more. It has been wonderful.”

Hannah T.
Wells Fargo Capital, Woodland Hills, CA

Jen brings confidence and compassion to my health care. She is warm and gentle inside and out. She embodies health and is so radiant that I feel better whenever I am in her presence. I give thanks every day that Jen is here helping me along my journey with cancer. Now I have hope. Working with Jen, I’ve learned how to care for myself. And now I finally understand what to eat and do to support my healing.

Elizabeth C.
Artist, Pacific Palisades, CA

Jen was instrumental in getting me through the last months of my Ph. D. with some semblance of a normal schedule. She provided tons of support on how to fit in everything I needed to do to get my degree while still keeping time for the things I needed to do for me like exercise or time with friends and family. Now that I’m through that push, she is helping me to develop a lifestyle and diet that’s the healthiest for my body and to keep Lupus at bay. She knows a lot about these topics, and is always happy to provide more information and original sources of the information so that you can learn more about the topics.

Katie M.
Ph.D., Culver City, CA

Learning that some of my levels were creeping toward diabetes, I decided to undertake a sugar detox with Jen. I have to say it has changed my life. After 5 days I lost all cravings for sweets and starchy foods, with the exception of a few nighttime cravings. Those were easily overcome with the tools and tricks that Jen gave me to do so. I lost about a pound a day, totaling 20 lbs. I feel clearer, lighter and my daily aches and pains have reduced greatly. My jeans are baggy, and my shirts aren’t tight anymore. I sometimes forget to eat, where before I was eating all of the time. But the best part is that my hunger has diminished so much, that I don’t even finish my plate sometimes; and whatever I eat totally satisfies me!

Chad B.
Owner of The Kitchen Waiter, Silverlake, CA

Stress & Anxiety

A true professional with a caring and gentle nature. She helped me to alleviate my issues with panic and anxiety through simple changes in diet and exercise. Her level of compassion and thoughtful coaching have put me well on the way to a better way of life, free of anxiety and stress.

Erika D.
Operations Manager, Bel Air, Maryland

Diet & Digestion

I’ve battled with digestive issues for 20 years and have seen a number of doctors and specialists who are quick to solve things with the latest prescription. I’d rather approach things naturally, but didn’t really know how. I was overwhelmed with how to fix it and thought giving up the usual suspects of soda and candy would certainly help but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until I told Jen all of my ailments that she set me on the right track. Through her expertise in food and healing, she’s helped me feel better every single day in the healthiest way. She does all of the research and you get all of the benefits. If you’re looking for a healthy change, Jen is the best!

Executive Producer, Television

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jen. Her depth of knowledge is incredible and invaluable, but it is her warm and nurturing manner that I especially appreciate. It wasn’t easy to crack the shell of unhealthful defense mechanisms I had established over a lifetime of misguided feeding practices. Jen’s approach is to melt away your self-defeating inner dialogue with facts, positive experiences and encouragement. It is a winning formula. Jen’s a living example of the power of positive living. She exudes health and wealth being and having the opportunity to learn the secrets to her success has been a privilege and an affirmative life changer for me.

Helen L.
Pacific Palisades, CA

Jen has helped me navigate happily through her 30-day kick sugar challenge. Following up with her 90 day intensive program continuing to fine tune what my body needs. Her attention to detail, and extensive knowledge has already helped me lose weight, and clean up my acne. I can’t wait to see how I look and feel at the end of the 90 days. She is fantastic!

Sarafina K.
Actress, Model, Palos Verdes, CA