My Approach

Love your thyroid back to health.

As a patient advocate and certified Holistic Health & Transformation Coach, I’m raising the bar on thyroid care and helping my clients take back their lives from thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. My results-driven, step-by-step approach to healing will help you restore your body and reclaim your energy, emotions and enthusiasm for life. This is the TLC you deserve, so that you can be the friend, parent, colleague and spouse you want to be.

Stop patching and start healing.

Do you feel buried by fatigue and a laundry list of ailments? That’s where I was three years ago. Visit My Thyroid Story to read the details of my journey and how I found a way out of the symptom swamp.

From the hard way to the “heart way.”

I founded Thyroid Loving Care so no one else would have to feel alone with these diseases—or spend their life savings and countless hours researching—like I did. You can enjoy the fruits of my painstaking efforts to resolve my own Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: gentle, custom healing programs that nurture your body and get results.

With TLC, you have a friend and partner like no other.

What I longed for most when I was grappling with Hashimoto’s, was someone to guide me down the healing path, to understand what I was experiencing, to help me overcome hurdles, share ideas and keep me going on bad days. Friends and family wanted to help but they just didn’t get it. Some even told me “It was time for me to just get over it.” With my Thyroid Loving Care website, retreats and healing programs, you will finally have the partner you deserve and need to make healing a reality for you.

Because real healing takes a village.

As your coach and healing partner, I’ll help create your healing “Dream Team.” I often work alongside doctors and other practitioners to create a comprehensive care plan unique to you. I can help you incorporate medical guidelines, assess challenges as they arise and stay on track.

Get started today with The Thyroid Fix in 6 – your simple, 6-week, self-care strategy to reverse thyroid disease & eliminate symptoms.

Happy Healing!


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