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Herbal Probiotic Throat Spray

From the makers of MegaSporeBiotic comes MegaCidin, the world’s first spore-based oral immune support.  MegaCidin is a robust, next-generation throat spray that contains a unique and potent combination of ingredients clinically proven to support overall immunity.  MegaCidin harnesses the power of probiotic spores along with the highly effective botanical mixture, known as Biocidin®, to provide synergistic immune support for every climate and season.

  • 4-Year Shelf Life
  • Servings per container: 60 (3 sprays per serving)



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When you think of supporting your immune system, you may think of consuming fresh foods, getting adequate sleep, or taking oral supplements like vitamin C, zinc, or probiotics. But did you know that you can quickly stimulate your immune system by targeting the immune tissue in your mouth? The soft tissue in your mouth that composes the inside of your lips and cheeks is known as buccal tissue and is a vital component of overall immunity!  In fact, buccal tissue is capable of sending rapid signals to other parts of the immune system in a matter of minutes.

Compared to the deeper, more internal tissues, our mouths more frequently encounter the barrage of microbes present in the outside world. Luckily, our oral immune system is quick to respond and well-equipped to fend off foreign invaders. Saliva and buccal tissue are rich in immune cells, such as T lymphocytes and immunoglobulins, that remove pathogens before they have a chance to further invade our bodies.1

This oral immune system also sends messages to numerous other tissues in the body, preparing our internal defenses before the pathogen even arrives at these distant sites. This gives us an enormous head start in fighting infection!  In addition, the buccal mucosa contains special gateways, always known as microfold (M) cells, which allow certain molecules to enter the bloodstream, while simultaneously guarding against pathogens.2  While other mucosal sites in the gut, lungs, and urogenital areas also contain M cells, the buccal tissue is the most  permeable. This means that it rapidly absorbs beneficial compounds like probiotics, herbs, and some nutrients.

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Supplement Facts

DOES NOT CONTAIN: Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Corn, Soy, Egg, or Artificial Flavors/Colors


Ages 5+: Spray 1-3 sprays towards the back of the mouth 2-3 times per day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


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1 review for MegaCidin

  1. Cristina Isfan (verified buyer)

    I think MegaCidin is working well. My throat has been inflamed badly. It seems to have reduced the inflammation and pain of my throat quite a bit. I think that it’s an amazing product so far. The microbiome of the mouth is just as important as the gut. I will continue to use it daily to see what it can do.

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