Thyroid Sing Party!

Recently, as a guest on Thyroid Nation Radio, I was slightly challenged, slightly dared and totally loved into making a video of myself singing in my car since Tiffany, one of the hosts of the show, had committed to giving up her beloved daily coffee on my urging. 

So I did it! 

I went WAAAAY out of my comfort zone and recorded my average singing (at best!) on video for all of the listeners out there.  I mean I’m terrified any time I get in front of the camera – I start sweating profusely (always pitting out my shirt (how lady like!)) and I get cotton mouth and panic a bit. What you see when you see me on the screen is usually after about a thousands takes, some serious editing and a near divorce each time between my husband and I as I freak out over making a video.

BUT I wanted to walk my talk and show my commitment to Tiffany and Danna and those thyroid warriors out there who are making commitments to themselves to make nourishing changes and choices to improve their health.  I am willing to do almost anything to support the health of those ready to make a real change.

What I didn’t expect was how much fun I’d have making this video. 

It was liberating!  And, it felt great on my body and my mind.  I started breathing again and felt elated and energized when I had finished (even though I’d already had a very long and exhausting day).

So, I decided, I want you all to experience that too!  I mean singing helps your thyroid in a few interesting ways. First, by vibrating the vocal chords, you’re actually internally massaging the thyroid. When your vocal chords vibrate, it stimulates your thyroid to release thyroxine, a critical hormone that sets the cell metabolic rate.

And to give you a little “practical woo woo” as I like to call it, thyroid disease is considered in ancient medicine to be an energetic disorder of the 5th Chakra (or throat chakra as its known). And, spiritually speaking, that Chakra gets out of balance when we keep quiet and don’t use our voice — literally and figuratively. When we stuff our emotions, bite our tongues, hide our voice, often that energy gets blocked in the throat (our seat of communication) and manifests itself as a thyroid imbalance.

So, what’s the remedy for that? It’s to let your voice be heard!!! Join me every week as I sing my thyroid healthy and share it here for a weekly Thyroid Sing Party!

(Want to help lead the party – send me a video of you singing along to your favorite song via dropbox at getTLC @ and I’ll post it here for everyone to jam to…come join the party today!)