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Because I want you to heal fast and get back to doing everything you love to do, I want to tell you about our ground breaking Thyroid Fix in 6 healing program.

The Thyroid Fix in 6 is a zero overwhelm, step-by-step plan with the exact steps I took to reverse Hashimoto’s, autoimmune conditions, balance my thyroid and eliminate all my symptoms.

The program moves you from body-misery to total vibrancy with zero overwhelm WHILE fitting into your busy schedule.

This program will help you:

  • Ditch the expensive treatments and “quick fixes” that only provide temporary relief.
  • Wean down or off thyroid medication (under your doctor’s supervision, of course!)
  • Feel normal again. Yes…like your fabulous self again.
  • Stop running in circles reading/watching everything you can find on the internet…consuming information but not taking action is NOT a plan.

The program comes with a family-friendly menu plan with recipes and done-for-you shopping lists plus all the resources you need like…

6 Training Modules – including video + audio recordings, PDFs, slideshows, and worksheets to help you take action on what you’re learning right away.

6 Guest Expert Calls – In addition to your training modules, you’ll receive 6 Guest Expert Call Recordings. Get ready to learn from some of the world’s top experts on thyroid disease, nutrition, immunity, and more!

Ongoing Community Support – The Thyroid Fix in 6 private Facebook group is the place you can be your true self, vulnerable, and find real (and real-time) compassionate support from others who have gone through exactly what you’re going through. Together, you can discuss challenges, share resources, and celebrate your successes. You don’t have to do this alone!

And you get these resources too!

Sugar Shake-Off Guide – Discover how to slay your sugar demons for good!

Healing Foods Helper – All-in-one cheat sheet for creating nourishing meals & snacks on the fly, so you never have to stand around wondering what your can eat anymore!

Soy & Goitrogen Avoidance List – A print-out you can carry in your purse, so you can make great dining decisions while you’re on the go.

The Food, Mood & Symptom Tracker – A printable symptom and actions journal so you can track your progress as you heal.

Body Temperature Tracker – An automated tool that charts out your daily temps so you can understand what actions are working to support your healing.

The Time Management Ninja Tracker – Karate chop stress and overwhelm out of your life by learning how to get organized, reduce “to-do’s” and get the help you deserve.

Family Support Letter – A printable letter for your friends and family who just don’t realize what you’re going through that helps encourage their understanding and support in your recovery.

You’ll love our supportive and compassionate private Thyroid Fix in 6 Facebook community.

The women in this group understand exactly what you’re going through – from unsupportive partners, to confused family members, to overwhelm with all the conflicting info out there, these women understand and have your back!

Our community is full of loving responses, great resources and a side of fun and laughter.

And, as I’ve mentioned a 100 times (I know, I’m sorry but this is important!), the best and easiest thing you can do to combat thyroid/autoimmune conditions, colds/flus and inflammation is to heal your gut…

….which is why I want you to try MegasporeBiotic.

MegaSporeBiotic plus Thyroid Fix in 6 is the “One-Two Punch” that will repair the gut, boost energy and support your thyroid so you can feel like yourself again.

Because it takes about 6 months of consistent use to completely repair your gut, I encourage you to buy at least 2-6 bottles of MegaSporeBiotic to start.  By investing now, so you’ll save more money in the long run and to encourage your commitment, I want to give you our biggest discount on MegaSporeBiotic.

Use this promo code for MegaSporeBiotic at checkout to receive a whopping 20% discount off your very first order of 2 or more bottles of MegaSporeBiotic!   


What do you say?…are you ready to get your energy back, sleep better, eliminate your symptoms and feel like yourself again?

So, if you’re just over it –

– over feeling sick and tired all the time

– over having no energy

– over feeling fatigued, foggy and flabby

– and ready to take action to feel better…

…grab some MegasporeBiotic today. You’ll be so glad you did!



P.S.–  One thing I loathe seeing on the internet are overly hyped supplements and protocols so I want to share with you my real, honest, first-person experience of using MegasporeBiotic.

So here’s a timeline of my personal results from taking MegasporeBiotic consistently.

Months 1-3:
• Improvement in bowel movement regularity
• Decreased constipation & bloating
• Decreased GERD, tummy troubles and allergic reactions to food

Months 4-6:
• Regular bowel movements (woo hoo!)
• No constipation, diarrhea or bloating
• No GERD, no tummy troubles, and only reacted to gluten and dairy
• Decreased Hashimoto’s symptoms – more energy, less fatigue, less anxiety/low mood (the list goes on)
• No more migraines, PMS or painful period symptoms (what a relief!)

Months 7- 12:
• Continued regular bowel movements
• No constipation, diarrhea or bloating
• No GERD, no tummy troubles, and no reactions to food
• Decreased Hashimoto’s symptoms – more energy, less fatigue, less anxiety/low mood
• No more migraines, PMS, painful period symptoms
• Improved blood work results

Month 13+:
• All of the above +….
• I CAN EAT WHATEVER I WANT!!! (gluten, eggs, dairy, FODMAPS, etc – everything is back on the menu!)

Now, I don’t go hog wild on my diet even though I can eat whatever I want because, long-term, I want to do what’s most nourishing to my body.

I eat tons of whole foods and veggies, some meat, dairy and fruit and very little grain. This is what feels best for MY body.

That said, I just returned from Italy where I put no restrictions on my diet and ate everything I wanted without ANY issues.

You name it: I ate pizza, pasta, pastries, cheese, gelato – ALL that Italy is known for.

I felt great! And this, I know, was possible only through my consistent use of MegasporeBiotic.

The best part though…


I’m free from symptoms and from having to worry about my food choices all. the. time.

I highly recommend trying MegasporeBiotic for at least 6 months to let it take hold in the gut and work it’s magic.