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Healing Hashimotos Naturally

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How I used radical TLC to love my thyroid and my body back to health… and you can too!

If your experience of health care has been frustrating and impersonal, with rushed office visits, a trickle of information and an avalanche of prescriptions, then prepare yourself for something quite different. In my book, Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally, I delve into what healing is and how to do it. My holistic approach to healing means taking the time to know you, to address your unique mind, body and spirit to resolve disorders that many mistakenly consider “incurable.” You can reverse or even eliminate thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory dysfunction as I have done by using the powerful tools of self-love and self-care described in this book.

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True healing begins with TLC.

If you’re like me, life with a thyroid or autoimmune disorder has been a bumpy, discouraging ride.

It can feel like no one is listening and that even your doctors don’t really get it. Sometimes you just want to give up.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The many (many!) symptoms of thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases can be dramatically reduced or even eliminated by reconnecting to your body’s own healing ability. I know because I’ve done it and in this book, I show you how to jump start your healing so you can live the vibrant life you desire.

If your experience of health care has been frustrating and impersonal, with rushed office visits, a trickle of information and an avalanche of prescriptions, then prepare yourself for something quite different.

Complex problems need loving solutions.

You can reverse or even eliminate thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory dysfunction as I have done by using the powerful tools of self-love and self-care.

In Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally, we delve into what healing is and how to do it. My holistic approach to healing means taking the time to know you, to address your unique mind, body and spirit to resolve disorders that many mistakenly consider “incurable.”

I invite you to dive into my story. I think you’ll see some of yourself amongst these pages.

Along with the book, you’ll get self-healing strategies, writing prompts and a free digital journal included.

What You Get

Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally


Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally

Companion Self-Love Journal & Workbook (electronic)

About The Author

Jen Wittman’s Biography:

Jen Wittman is a Certified Holistic Health Expert, Chef, Author & Vitality Coach, who teaches women how to reverse thyroid and autoimmune conditions naturally. She’s helped hundreds of women decrease (or even eliminate) their thyroid medications and has helped others stay off thyroid medication entirely.

A note from Jen:

I thought I knew about balance—until a semi and a life-altering diagnosis made me eat humble pie.

My 20s were roarin’ – I got my degree in psychology, went to culinary school, ran my own catering business, and cooked in Italy for a year.

I took all this experience and landed my dream job as the Director of Catering for an amazing non-profit organization, Second Helpings, in Indianapolis. A job where I could use all my skills—to help serve and support others in my community.

My commitment to this job was fierce. I was consumed by it. I desperately wanted to make it a success. It was five jobs rolled into one and initially, I was enlivened by the challenge. However, I worked myself to the bone to get the project to soar, clocking well over 90 hours per week. I ran on coffee, adrenaline and baked goods.
But that lifestyle had a price.

I started to get sick but ignored the signs. I was young. I was “healthy.” I thought I could push through. There was no balance.

My wake up call came when my husband and I were in a devastating car crash with a semi-truck and everything came to a halt. My health, my mobility, my perfect job. STOP. All of those things vanished in an instant.

The stress of all of this change, fighting insurance companies over medical bills, losing my career—and somewhere in there having a baby—made my body ripe for an autoimmune thyroid disease called Hashimoto’s.

I thought I had hit bottom. But it was the push I needed to get my life in order. With thyroid disease, all you can do is slow down, craft your life thoughtfully, and nourish yourself. Lessons I deeply needed to learn… and I did.

And that’s when all my life experience and education combined effortlessly into a coaching career I enjoy doing every day. I love people, love service, love to stick my nose into other people’s business, and love food and nutrition.

Now I do this work to teach you the skills you need to bring to the table, to design a lifestyle that is balanced and fulfilling for yourself and your family.

Are you ready to join me?


Putting it all out on the table.

Look, I’m a busy mom who also wants to have a successful career, a loving marriage and needs to carve out time for my loveable rascal. I’ve learned how to juggle it all with balance, joy, and a smile. And I want to share that recipe for success with you.
But first, you need to know:

1. I’m not perfect. Sometimes my personal and work/life balance gets away from me too, but I have the tools to reign it back in quickly.

2. I enjoy all the delicious “cheat treats” everyone else does—I just enjoy them in moderation.

3. Sometimes I have hard days and I just want to dunk my head in a bowl of chocolate.

4. I fart too—but I fart less when I’m not eating a bunch of carbs and cheese.

5. I’ve worked with celebrities, professionals, mommies and fellow eggheads. At the core, we all want the same things out of life and I can help you get it – whether you’re Jon Hamm (call me!) or the mom I met down the street.

I’ve had the great opportunity to reinvent myself a few times now. What I seem to have always known is that we don’t have to follow the “usual” script to be fulfilled. I believe in breaking “the rules” to create the balance and joy I want in my life. I can help you do the same.

21 reviews for Healing Hashimotos Naturally

  1. Laurel

    This book is amazing! If you have ever wondered if it is possible to heal yourself, if there is something you can do to help yourself feel better… this book is the place to start! Jen writes in a way that is easy to understand, simple to follow and you feel like she has your back too!
    With this book, you can heal yourself and live your life full of energy again!!

  2. Heather M.

    Everyone who has been given a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease or any other Auto-Immune Disease should have a copy of this book in their library. This easy read guide literally feels like a good friend has simply taken you by the hand to reassure you that everything is going to be okay. With simple yet life changing advice, Jen helps to navigate you down the winding and often slippery road that is an autoimmune condition. Much like following our trusty GPS navigation systems you can be sure that Jen is guiding you the same way. You may not know how to get to the final destination, but she does because she has “been there and done this” herself. After reading this book from cover to cover, I can honestly say that the support and guidance she provides in this book will no doubt keep me on the right path towards health and happiness. If I can recommend only one book on learning everything that you can about this sinister disease and taking your health back into your own hands this truly is the one.

  3. Maureen V.

    In Jen’s book, you KNOW you are not alone. You feel her pain in her past journey with Hashimoto’s. You feel the victory she experienced as she healed and you gain knowledge to help yourself. Jen walks you through the steps she took to feel better and recover from the grasp of her Hashimoto’s Disease. As a sufferer myself of over 20 years, I can see the truth in the steps she took and how brilliant she put this book together so you can take the same steps, one at a time, and contemplate where YOU are on your healing journey. Whether you are just starting out, stuck in diet choices, unsure of your next step, or fine tuning your healing journey, Jen offers honest and applicable advice along the way. She covers why the thyroid is struggling, how to support the process of healing, and how to spring forth out of the healing process like a butterfly is freed from its cocoon! I love Jen’s honesty as she seeks answers from her past, present and future thought processes as she helped herself and now those who can benefit through reading her story. Highly recommended! Bravo Jen! What a wonderful job and thank you for helping the community towards their healing!

  4. Becca

    This book was a joy to read and tremendously helpful. I loved the layout, it was as effortless to read as if having a conversation with a good friend (who is super knowledgeable, understanding, and wise!). Informative, warm, and well thought through. A great place to turn to in a time of need. Applicable for those with Hashimoto’s as well as those looking to lend support. I would also highly recommend this book to anybody looking for ways to heal and to be healthy and happy in general, regardless of where they are beginning from.

  5. Lee

    This book is a great resource for anyone newly diagnosed with Hashimotos who wants to avoid all the pitfalls modern medicine has to offer. Check it out if you are interested in a different approach, without side effects.

  6. PL

    A real Godsend for anyone dealing with autoimmune or inflammatory conditions. Jen’s story is inspiring, unflinching, powerful and shows true guts. It is written with compassion and heart and humour and hope. A must read.

  7. Kirsten A.

    I felt like I was sitting on the couch with my best friend. Jen takes you through step by step to heal your thyroid naturally. She provides insight and understanding in treating thyroid problems that all too often are ignored by medical professionals. I needed someone to hold my hand while I figured out what to do and Jen does exactly that. I am on the road to recovery and cannot thank her enough for being the positive voice I was searching for.

  8. Lisa A.

    Very informative. The information is delivered in a caring warm way. Very encouraging and brings hope for improvement for those suffering from the symptoms of this disease.

  9. Nick K.

    Wonderful book. Just starting the therapy. Feels good.

  10. Lynn Orion

    Great book. Easy read & very informative.

  11. Duffy


  12. Crazy Corgi Lady

    The book gives a lot of anecdotal experiences of the author’s struggle with thyroid disease and how she managed to get relief. I like her straightforward comments on the pressure that thyroid disease puts on the entire family.

  13. Jeffrey S.

    I will definitely recommend this book. It helps you understand what is happening to you and in depth shows you how to make it better. Thank you for reaching out to others. This book is giving me hope that I can heal from autoimmune disease – thyroid and arthritis. I may always have to take medication, but I expect to improve. It is great to learn from another their individual experience as a guide to help overcome Hashimoto’s.

  14. Shayne

    Loved it! This book reinforced my other research and went beyond in encouraging me and giving me tools to continue on my healing journey.

  15. Jeanette H.

    Brilliantly Insightful! Great book and great service

  16. Laraine

    This is where your healing begins. Great resource!

  17. Dale L.

    Five stars. Perfect!

  18. JLove

    Jen Wittman has an authentic voice for anyone who finds themselves in a health crisis. Jen’s story reveals a common pattern that is all too familiar with women in particular. Jen’s journey out of the darkness of traditional medicine into the light of self empowered action to find answers herself is a path for everyone to follow. For those who cannot do as Jen did creating an online health business to support and assist people in their journey one can take enormous benefit from reading this well written book with an exceptionally well laid out call to action for readers to follow through with their own health plans. As someone who did as Jen did as I found a way out a health nightmare on my own I found myself recognizing a fellow traveler. I can recommend Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally to anyone as her plan would work for any condition or disease!

  19. JB

    Great book. I purchased Jen’s home study course for healing your thyroid and really liked her approach. So when her book came out I was sure to read it. What I like about this book is that it is so easy to read. I could relate to a lot of Jen’s story including the initial sadness I felt after discovering my own food sensitivities. That is, until I learned other delicious recipes I could make AND discovered how much better I feel and sleep now that I avoid the foods that were inflaming my body. Jen is very easy to relate to and has such a loving manner about her. I also found the questions she includes to prompt self-discovery at the end of every chapter to be really helpful and inspiring.

  20. Stacy K.

    I found this book inspiring. It helped me feel that I was not alone. I now have hope of recovery.

  21. Rochelle P.

    Jen got me started on what to do when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. With her knowledge I was able to make lots of changes in my life (diet and lifestyle) that allowed me to reverse my symptoms. I’m so grateful to her. Not only does she provide great information but she makes you aware of so many great resources to further your knowledge and healing.

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