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BiomeFx Stool Test


The next-generation in functional microbiome analysis

Recent evidence suggests that the gut microbiome is likely the master control center of overall human health.  Stool testing has become a popular method for evaluating the status of an individual’s microbiome. The problem is that many of these tests are often lacking in accuracy, reliability, and functionality.  Microbiome Labs has collaborated with CosmosID to create BiomeFx, the most cutting-edge stool test on the market.  BiomeFx not only uses the most advanced and accurate sequencing technology, but it also explores some of the many inner functions of the gut microbiome.

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Note: Testing is only available to US Residents currently.

Why BiomeFx?

BiomeFx is the superior stool test on the market because of its coring method stool sampling, highly accurate whole-genome analysis, and practical, user-friendly reporting which you can take to your doctor, nutritionist, or functional medicine practitioner.**

BiomeFx is distinct from other stool tests because of its unique “coring” method, which increases the accuracy of samples.  Rather than taking a sample from the surface of the stool, this approach gathers data from the core of the sample and presents the findings into a functional report

This functional report will look at microbial trends and patterns to understand what the gut microbiome is doing rather than presenting the data in a meaningless range of high to low.  Most commercially available reports are confusing, unhelpful, and not backed by scientific research.

Key Differences

  • Most accurate analysis on the market
  • Higher DNA capture
  • Functional analysis reporting
  • Actionable outcome measures
  • Customized lifestyle and dietary recommendations
  • Faster results
  • More cost-effective


With these insights, you can then use the actionable nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations as a road map for improving your unique gut microbiome. This is the future of microbiome assessment and analysis.

Of all the factors that are behind gastrointestinal issues such as IBD, IBS, and more, there are mixed results as to which bacteria are “healthy” or “unhealthy” as it pertains to normal and sick guts.  What we do know is that high microbial diversity is characteristic of healthy guts. And, low microbial diversity is characteristic of unhealthy guts.

We also know general macroscopic ratios between groups of bacteria tend to be present in healthy guts and unhealthy guts.  BiomeFx uses the best of current technology to give you insights on the microbial diversity and functional health of the gut.

Important Notes about BiomeFx

BiomeFx is not a diagnostic test – rather a valuable tool to see how well your gut is functioning, and more importantly, how it is responding to your diet and lifestyle protocol.

When ordering a BiomeFx kit, client information will be registered with Microbiome Labs.  Follow kit instructions and mail the sample back to the lab.  The processing timeline to receive results ranges from 4-6 weeks.

Follow-up testing is recommended 2-6 months apart.

BiomeFx is a functional test to determine the overall diversity of the gut microbiome, key microbe ratios, and other functional criteria.

**Disclaimer: cannot interpret or analyze your test results for you.

Whole Genome Testing

A New Way To Test – Whole Genome
Recent evidence suggests that the gut microbiome is likely the master control center of overall human health. In recent years, stool testing has become a popular method to evaluate the status of an individual’s gut microbiome (1).  Peering into these microbial ecosystems can offer insight into disease susceptibility and potential root causes of illness.  In fact, many diseases have a unique ‘microbial signature’ or enterotype, which means that specific bacterial patterns can be consistently linked to a particular disease.  Fecal sampling can help clinicians and patients understand how their gut bacteria may be contributing to their ailments and how they can improve their gut microbiomes (2).  However, common methods of stool analysis are often inaccurate, and many reports offered to consumers are confusing, ambiguous, and not actually based upon scientific evidence.

The most commonly used analysis techniques include 16S rRNA gene sequencing (16S) and quantified polymerase chain reactions (QPCR). Essentially, 16S rRNA is a region of DNA present in all bacteria and archaea, but not necessarily in other microbes, such as fungi or viruses. The 16S gene contains 9 hypervariable regions that can be thought of as a barcode, encoding many bacterial taxa (2). This area of DNA is then amplified using QPCR techniques to predict the full DNA sequence. However, due to its imprecise predictive nature, QPCR offers vague and often inaccurate results.

Similarly, researchers have found that 16S genome sequencing has less than 50% accuracy in identifying microbial species (3). It offers insight into phyla and genera, but due to its use of low-resolution images, it does not offer enough precise detail about bacteria at the species level, which can be very important! For example, the bacteria Escheria coli has many strains. Some of these are pathogenic, while others strains of E. coli are protective. Furthermore, 16S is unable to distinguish between living or dead cells, or offer insight into their metabolic activity.

Instead of 16S rRNA and QPCR, BiomeFx™ uses whole genome sequencing. Instead of targeting one specific gene region, such as the 16S region, this thorough approach gathers a more complete picture by using multiple, overlapping gene primers. A recent study found that whole genome sequencing identified nearly twice as many bacterial species compared to 16S methods, providing more information on microbial richness and diversity (4). This is a stunning finding as individuals using 16S methods may receive faulty dietary and lifestyle advice in response to these testing methods. Whole genome sequencing is far superior and allows clinicians to more accurately provide interventions to heal and balance the gut.



Sample Report

BiomeFx Sample Report 

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