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WheatRescue is a unique blend of powerful digestive enzymes and probiotics designed by Dr. Tom O’Bryan to support optimal gluten digestion and protect against hidden sources of gluten.

  • Supports complete digestion of gluten and other inflammatory wheat-derived peptides
  • Protects against hidden sources of gluten
  • Helps alleviate symptoms associated with dietary gluten intolerance and sensitivity
  • Combines resilient probotic spores with superior digestive enzymes
  • Servings per Container: 60




Gluten is a combination of two storage proteins, glutenin and gliadin, that are found in the middle layer, or endosperm, of various cereal grains. Normally, the pancreas secretes digestive enzymes, like proteases and peptidases, to help break down proteins like gluten. However, imbalances in gut bacteria and the normal aging process can limit the body’s natural ability to produce these necessary digestive enzymes.

WheatRescue is a unique blend of powerful digestive enzymes and probiotics designed to support optimal gluten digestion and protect against hidden sources of gluten. DPP-IV and Tolerase G® are specific enzymes that assist in the breakdown of glutenin and gliadin proteins, which can help alleviate symptoms associated with dietary gluten intolerance and sensitivity.  WheatRescue combines resilient probiotic spores with superior digestive enzymes to support the complete digestion of gluten and other inflammatory wheat-derived peptides within 60 to 90 minutes.

There’s no denying that gluten is problematic for many people. Many doctors will suggest a strict gluten-free diet, but recent discoveries have revealed this may not be enough. New research suggests that the small intestines of up to 60% of adults with celiac disease never completely heal despite following a gluten-free diet.1

This could be due in part to gluten contamination in many “gluten-free” foods. A recent study examined 5,624 foods tested by 804 users and found that 32% of foods labeled “gluten-free” contained measurable amounts of gluten.2 Interestingly, gluten-free pizzas and pastas were the most likely to test positive for gluten with over 50% of samples showing gluten contamination.

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Supplement Facts


Ages 8+: Take 1 capsule with a meal 3 times daily. Children under 8 years of age, please

consult with your healthcare practitioner.


1.“Treatment of Celiac Disease”. University of Chicago Medicine: Celiac Disease Center website. URL:

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1 review for WheatRescue

  1. Samara

    I have a wheat/gluten intolerance and I always get glutened around the holidays when my in-laws prep “gluten free food”, but don’t fully understand what cross-contamination means. I take a WheatRescue pill before each possibly contaminated meal and it helps take the edge off. I still get some symptoms like skin irritations and a little brain fog, but the cramping and bloating are significantly reduced. I did an accidental experiment a couple of months ago when I forgot to bring it to a restaurant with me and, sure enough, my food was contaminated and the cramping was horrible as usual. Now, I keep a bottle in my purse so I always have it. Aside from when I changed to a gluten free diet, this has given me the most relief from my food sensitivities!

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