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A Partner’s Guide to Thyroid & Autoimmune Disease

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Understand Her Struggle & How to Help

A Partner’s Guide to Thyroid & Autoimmune Disease is the first guide written for the person in your life who loves you, with action steps to help him/her understand and support you as you take control of your health. Clear, concise, actionable tips explain the help you need, but don’t know how to ask for.


Your family doesn’t understand what you’re going through…but they want to!

A Partner’s Guide to Thyroid & Autoimmune Disease is the first guide written for the person in your life who loves you, with action steps to help him/her understand and support you as you take control of your health. Clear, concise, actionable tips explain the help you need, but don’t know how to ask for.

Great for husbands and partners, but also friends and other family members who want to support you, but just don’t know how.

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A Partner’s Guide to Thyroid & Autoimmune Disease: Understand Her Struggle & How to Help (e-book)**

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About The Author

Jen Wittman’s Biography:

Jen Wittman is a Certified Holistic Health Expert, Chef, Author & Vitality Coach, who teaches women how to reverse thyroid and autoimmune conditions naturally. She’s helped hundreds of women decrease (or even eliminate) their thyroid medications and has helped others stay off thyroid medication entirely.

A note from Jen:

I thought I knew about balance—until a semi and a life-altering diagnosis made me eat humble pie.

My 20s were roarin’ – I got my degree in psychology, went to culinary school, ran my own catering business, and cooked in Italy for a year.

I took all this experience and landed my dream job as the Director of Catering for an amazing non-profit organization, Second Helpings, in Indianapolis. A job where I could use all my skills—to help serve and support others in my community.

My commitment to this job was fierce. I was consumed by it. I desperately wanted to make it a success. It was five jobs rolled into one and initially, I was enlivened by the challenge. However, I worked myself to the bone to get the project to soar, clocking well over 90 hours per week. I ran on coffee, adrenaline and baked goods.
But that lifestyle had a price.

I started to get sick but ignored the signs. I was young. I was “healthy.” I thought I could push through. There was no balance.

My wake up call came when my husband and I were in a devastating car crash with a semi-truck and everything came to a halt. My health, my mobility, my perfect job. STOP. All of those things vanished in an instant.

The stress of all of this change, fighting insurance companies over medical bills, losing my career—and somewhere in there having a baby—made my body ripe for an autoimmune thyroid disease called Hashimoto’s.

I thought I had hit bottom. But it was the push I needed to get my life in order. With thyroid disease, all you can do is slow down, craft your life thoughtfully, and nourish yourself. Lessons I deeply needed to learn… and I did.

And that’s when all my life experience and education combined effortlessly into a coaching career I enjoy doing every day. I love people, love service, love to stick my nose into other people’s business, and love food and nutrition.

Now I do this work to teach you the skills you need to bring to the table, to design a lifestyle that is balanced and fulfilling for yourself and your family.

Are you ready to join me?

Putting it all out on the table:

Look, I’m a busy mom who also wants to have a successful career, a loving marriage and needs to carve out time for my loveable rascal. I’ve learned how to juggle it all with balance, joy, and a smile. And I want to share that recipe for success with you.
But first, you need to know:

1. I’m not perfect. Sometimes my personal and work/life balance gets away from me too, but I have the tools to reign it back in quickly.

2. I enjoy all the delicious “cheat treats” everyone else does—I just enjoy them in moderation.

3. Sometimes I have hard days and I just want to dunk my head in a bowl of chocolate.

4. I fart too—but I fart less when I’m not eating a bunch of carbs and cheese.

5. I’ve worked with celebrities, professionals, mommies and fellow eggheads. At the core, we all want the same things out of life and I can help you get it – whether you’re Jon Hamm (call me!) or the mom I met down the street.

I’ve had the great opportunity to reinvent myself a few times now. What I seem to have always known is that we don’t have to follow the “usual” script to be fulfilled. I believe in breaking “the rules” to create the balance and joy I want in my life. I can help you do the same.

1 review for A Partner’s Guide to Thyroid & Autoimmune Disease

  1. BrittsMom

    It was a nice short little read for those who you need to help understand what you are going through. My husband found it very informative!

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