Hormone imbalances exacerbate symptoms of thyroid and autoimmune conditions. They can affect your metabolism and mood greatly too!

Luckily, I learned from my dear friend, Magdalena Wszelaki, that hormone balance can be simple and just a few delicious meals away!

“With FOOD?,” you may ask.  Yep, food plays a HUGE role and…

Magda has a wonderful free workshop called “How to Use Simple Foods to Rebalance Your Hormones

It is, by far, my favorite hormone balancing workshop out there… and it’s free!

Here are some of the gems Magda shares to help balance your hormones and get you OFF the crazy train and back to health!

  1. Avoid sugar — especially at breakfast! Sugar is hard on your gut and causes massive blood sugar swings in your body that take their toll on your thyroid and your adrenal glands. Starting your day with sugar just sets you up for a blood sugar roller coaster all day. Instead, try starting your day with a meal that has a healthy balance of protein, fat and fiber.
  2. Give up coffee. I know!  It sounds impossible, but coffee can contribute to a host of problems relating to our thyroid including blood sugar swings, adrenal fatigue, damaged gut lining, poor T4 to T3 conversion, inflammation and more. Most people crave the ritual of coffee (once they get over the caffeine addiction) which can be replaced with other, more healing hot beverages.
  3. Eat more seeds. Seeds of all different kinds can help balance your hormones including boosting natural estrogen and progesterone production and levels. Something as simple as adding flaxseeds to your breakfast or snacking on some delicious seed crackers can make a huge difference.
  4. Eat Brazil nuts for selenium. More and more studies are showing that the mineral selenium is vital for balancing thyroid hormones — but it can be hard to come by in our modern diet. That’s why I eat two Brazil nuts every single morning with my breakfast, to support my thyroid hormone health.
  5. Eat Camu Camu for vitamin C. Your adrenals have the highest concentration of vitamin C in your body. Rather than taking a pill to support them, Magda suggests adding a delicious Peruvian berry called Camu Camu to your diet. Just ¼ of a teaspoon contains 220% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C!

What’s fantastic about these gems of wisdom — and the delicious recipes Magda shares — is that they can be used by anyone.

It works for everyone, whether you still have your thyroid or not, and people suffering from other hormone imbalances (including menopause and PMS), and this technique boosts energy and gets you back on track.

I highly recommend all my clients take Magda’s free workshop “How to Use Simple Foods to Rebalance Your Hormones” to learn how delicious balancing your hormones can be!

Stay tuned: in our next Coaching Session, we’re talking about how to eliminate depression, anxiety, overwhelm, and brain fog!



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