I’m gonna admit it. My body ain’t what it used to be. In my younger years, weight wasn’t a problem. But now that I’m, a-hem, 42…things have started to change.

You know what I’m talking about!…

That jelly roll just stays stuck there.

My buns have fallen to the ground.

Things have become a little *SIGH* … saggy.

The weight just seems to creep on…and on…and on.

In fact, I haven’t looked like myself in quite a while. And I don’t like it one bit!

I was just about to surrender into middle-aged mom body, when I learned about Dr. Jade Teta’s thyroid-friendly fitness program: Metabolic Prime

I was intrigued.

I mean, when I found Metabolic Prime, I weighed 2 pounds more than my highest pregnancy weight and everything on my body was mushy.

I wondered – Could this really work?!?!

So I gave it a try….and I LOVED it from day 1.

First, the program is quick and totally fits into a busy schedule.

You only have to do 3 15-minute workouts a week. The other 4 days, you only have to take a leisurely walk – and on my busy days, I manage to do that walk inside the house while doing something else. This process is brilliant, really!

Secondly, Dr. Teta’s fitness videos are designed for restarting your metabolism if you have a wonky thyroid or no thyroid at all. I love that his videos can be used for any fitness level – whether you’re a gym rat or a lazy little mouse like myself.

Dr. Teta’s also urges you to rest when you need to so that you don’t push your adrenals too hard. In fact, it’s a core tenant of his program. Resting within these 45-second bursts actually helps you reap the benefits from the exercise.

All of this adds up to THE PERFECT PLAN if you’ve tried everything but you’re not feeling in shape or at your ideal weight.

Dr. Teta’s plan is so simple, quick and easy that it’s something I’ve been able to stick to every. single. day.

If you hate exercising like I do, you’ll love this program and I highly encourage you to try it out.

I’ve only been doing it for two weeks and the difference is noticeable – my tummy is tighter and my inner thighs are no longer rubbing against each other! (WIN!)

What you need to know…

Dr. Teta goes out of his way to show the science behind why this works for thyroid sufferers and he provides you with tons of real world success stories so his info page is SUPER long…Seriously, it goes on forever.

So once you’ve read enough of Dr. Teta’s info page, scroll down to the big order button and get started.

I’ve even created a private where we share thyroid-friendly recipes, talk about the program and help each other stay on track.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the real-world stories…

“At 51, I’m 30 All Over Again …”

I lost 35 lbs., 38 inches and went from a size 16 to a size 6. My friends say I look 30 all over again. I’m so much stronger and I have unlimited energy.

At 51, I have energy to spare and I can play forever with my granddaughters without getting tired. This program worked wonders for me and I FEEL so much healthier.

April S., Stromsburg, NE

I think this program may make the medical community re-think weight loss for those of us over 35. The best part for me is that it fits in my crazy schedule EASILY.

Dr. Teta’s entire plan, plus even more remarkable transformation pictures of both women AND men of all ages is found here: http://bit.ly/MetabolicPrimeThyroidHelp

See what you think…

Oh, and you might be wondering about the Metabolic Fire supplement they offer. I looked into it and contacted the company and doctor who formulated the supplement and this is what he said:

“Because Metabolic Fire has a small amount of iodine in it, it’s contraindicated for people in the first phase of Hashimoto’s in which the thyroid becomes hyper before it crashes during the second phase. MF should be very helpful for the second phase in which the thyroid has crashed and ingredients like forskolin, green tea extract, green coffee extract, iodine, rhodiola, would help thyroid function and energy. People in the second phase are usually put on thyroid medication or are taking nutrients (iodine, L-tyrosine, etc.) so that is a marker for them to know what phase they are in.”

As you know, I reversed Hashimoto’s naturally and never took thyroid medication. Because iodine negatively impacts me, I chose not to try the Metabolic Fire supplement. However, if this supplement feels like a fit to you, I recommend bringing it to your doctor so he/she can consult you on whether it is safe for you.

Just FYI, I did not order the shake powder that’s recommended with this program. I’m a whole foods breakfast kind of gal. But if you do those morning shakes already, it may be worth trying out.

Ok, so…are you joining me? I hope so! I can’t wait to be fit by the summer…just ordered a new bikini and it’s on its way!

And if you sign up for Metabolic Prime, make sure to join the TLC Metabolic Prime Fitness Party Facebook Group. We can swap recipes, challenges and victories… and help each other stay accountable.