There are SOOOO many supplements out there that it can get really confusing really fast…not to mention expensive trying to track down what works.

So, I thought sharing the list with you of what I’ve found to be most effective would be helpful.

These are the exact supplements my doctor recommended for me and what I take daily.

They are a great place for you to start as well.

Now, the list below is what my doctor recommended for ME. *As always, please check with your doctor or qualified health practitioner before taking or using any of these products or supplements to see if they are safe for you along with correct dosage. This list is only meant as a resource list, not medical advice.

I buy most of these supplements from Amazon and take all at one time right after I eat breakfast. I don’t take any other supplements or medications. This is it! Nourishing eating and these supplements.


1. Liver Support: N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (3 capsules/day)

2. Reverse Autoimmune reactions, aid the Microbiome, Reduce Joint Pain: Glucosamine Sulfate (3 capsules/day)

3. Digestive Enzymes + Immune System Support: Viracin (2 capsules/day)

4. Reduce Inflammation: Ultra Potent-C 1000 (Vit. C – 1/day)

5. Overall Autoimmune Symptom Support: Vitamin D Forte (3-4 drops; mix in water)

6. Decreasing Autoimmune Reactions: CBD Oil (2 sprays/day with food)

7. Repair Tight Junctions & Support Respiratory System: Restore (1 tsp, 3 times/day)

8. Repair Leaky Gut & Eliminate Digestive Issues & Food Sensitivities: Megasporebiotic (2 per/day once you build up to that level)

9. Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiac Event, Osteoporosis/Osteopenia Prevention: Megaquinone

One more thing for ya… I also do a gentle yoga practice to detox and destress for thyroid, kidney and adrenal support. I just LOVE IT! Such a great way to start the day and certainly lifts my mood…

You can find this DVD/Download on Amazon as well: Yoga for Detox and Destress

So there you have it – those supplements + following a veggie-heavy Paleo-ish whole foods diet is my current thyroid/autoimmune protocol to keep my thyroid condition in remission and my symptoms at bay.



2 thoughts on “Supplements My Doctor Recommended (Coaching Session #4)

  1. Judy Harvey

    Thank you so much for this information. I am waiting to have the biopsy on my Thyroid in a couple of weeks then Specialist will decide next move. I have started Tai Chi to help with balance and destress – loving it!! I appreciate the feedback and helpful advice.

  2. Carol

    Thankyou so much


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