Last summer, I had an amazing experience at a medical clinic in Mexico where I learned about all sorts of medical tests and healing modalities not commonly used in the U.S.  It was eye-opening and busted a lot of generalizations I had made about medical care outside of this country.

As part of the program, we were invited to participate in a morning meditation and “earthing” class in front of a crystal blue ocean.  Our guide informed us about a host of benefits to walking around barefoot each day (especially on grass).  Sound a little “out there?” Well, after 5 minutes of sinking my toes into the dewy grass and supple earth, I was sold!

What is “earthing” and how does it work?

Scientific studies have shown that “earthing” or “grounding” — literally getting outside and walking around with bare feet — reduces stress levels and returns cortisol production to normal. This is extremely important if you have adrenal fatigue, chronic stress, sleep problems, pain, or inflammation associated with your thyroid disorder.

Some experts believe that the benefits of earthing come from the process of re-attuning our bodies to the electrical field of the earth. They believe that by putting ourselves in contact with the earth’s electrical field, we’re soaking up the negatively charged electrons it gives off — and they, in turn, neutralize free radicals in our bodies that cause inflammation and aging.

Plus, the studies showed that as little as 30 minutes of “earthing” a day could have benefits. Walk around barefoot in the grass for 30 minutes a day? Sounds like a prescription we could all fill.

Try earthing for yourself

How did I apply this to the real world?  Now, I take phone calls outside, bare feet in the grass.  It’s great to be outside, in the sun, breathing fresh air as I work instead of trapped inside.  We’re on our phones so much that “earthing” really gives me an opportunity to take a breath and it keeps me energized and clear headed.  I find that when I sit at my desk too long, I zone out, get tired and it depresses my mood.

As I live near the beach as well, I find myself dipping my toes in the sand all the time, but I especially feel the shift when I was along the shore where the ocean meets the sea.

I’d love to hear your ideas about getting your “earth on” in the comments!

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