Ever feel like you’re hitting your head against the wall trying to get your voice heard, trying to get people to understand, trying to get the support you desperately need whether it comes to work, family life or healing?

Well, I want to share with you something deeply personal I did for myself a few years back. And, let me take us back in time a little further and explain something crucial I learned about thyroid healing –

it all starts with personal empowerment and authentic communication.

Find Your Voice

Almost all of the clients I see for thyroid and autoimmune disease have very similar characteristics. (I am including myself in this group!)

● Are you a type-A person who puts pressure on yourself to do it all…or do it all perfectly?

● Are you a nurturer who takes care of everyone else; often putting your own needs on the back burner?

● Are you a control freak?

● Do you worry about what others think of you?

● Do you avoid conflict and feel unsafe or uncomfortable in arguments? Or feel easily overpowered by others?

● When you try to confront others, do you either get so choked up or blocked that you can’t express yourself, or tend to come across far too aggressive? (This was so me!)

● Do you often feel isolated from others, even family? Do you feel that there are things you cannot share about yourself or that you have to hide who you really are because you want the love and approval of others?

● Have you experienced abuse or felt embarrassed by family members?

● Are you a chatty cathy or feel drained when in contact with others?

● Do you crave attention and need to feel listened to, appreciated, and understood?

● Do you feel angry or resentful towards others because you cannot confront them and feel like you don’t have a voice?

Well, that just means you’re perfectly normal!

So many of us (especially women) are socialized to please others, nurture others and put our needs on the back burner. The problem is that your thyroid is being affected by this way of being in the world.

According to 5000 year old medical traditions like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, from an emotional and energetic perspective, thyroid dysfunction is a disorder of the 5th chakra/energetic center, or your body’s center of communication.

The 5th chakra gets blocked when we don’t speak our truths and we don’t speak up for ourselves. Due to this lack of open expression, the 5th chakra gets blocked so energetically it will manifest itself as a thyroid disorder.

When you don’t communicate your feelings, when you squash what’s inside, your body reacts in ways to make you notice and put you back in balance.

When you have Hashimoto’s or other autoimmune conditions, your body is literally attacking itself. In the case of autoimmune thyroiditis, your body is attacking your thyroid, the seat of communication.

It makes sense, then (in an energetic, bigger picture kind of way) that finding and using your voice, both literally and figuratively, can provide relief to your embattled thyroid.

So how did I find my voice?

Well, I started by becoming more powerful as a woman. I dove deep into research on how to get my feminine power back and how to use that power to communicate my needs more effectively.

Enter Kim Anami.

Kim Anami is a holistic relationship expert and empowerment coach.[1] She not only teaches you how to repair your relationship with yourself and come into your own power, she teaches you how to be empowered in your relationships at work and at home.

Now this empowerment comes through cultivating something not all of us our comfortable with – our own sexual power. GASP!

I know what you’re thinking…what?!! What sexual power? I have no libido, no energy, no connection to myself as a woman…I feel fat and gross, not sexy at all. Or maybe you’re thinking – this is ridiculous, offensive and unheard of – has Jen gone crazy!?!

I know this may be a stretch for you but hear me out.

If you struggle with that little voice inside your head that keeps putting you down, if you get shut down by others any time you try to share your truth or your opinion, if you feel powerless at home, in your career or to heal your thyroid, keep reading.

The best thing you can do for yourself is cultivate your feminine power and get your voice back again! You got to strut your stuff, girl – and the best way to learn how to be large and in charge again, is to harness your feminine and sexual energy.

How do I know this? I did this myself through Kim’s programs. After watching her free video series and taking her courses (I’ve gotten such great results from them that I’ve taken all 3 now!), I’ve gone from being meek to standing up for myself and to letting go of toxic people, relationships, food and anything else that doesn’t serve me – and I’ve learned to do this all with grace.

Where I used to fight with my mom all the time (even though we have a fierce love for each other), I learned how to communicate calmly with her and share my truth in a way that keeps us both relaxed and open to each other.

With my husband, I was able to get my groove back after having our baby by learning how to love my body again and improve my libido. Doing both these things actually gave me so much more power when it came to communicating that we handle disagreements and challenges so much better – it’s has 100% improved our relationship on so many levels.

With my career, Kim’s programs have helped me find and unleash my creativity and gain clarity around what I really want to be in life and how I really want to show up for myself and for others.

And I did all of this by tapping into my feminine power.

I’m not afraid of conflict anymore…in fact, I don’t perceive challenges as conflicts…I look at them as just another opportunity for my voice to be heard and my needs to be met.

I’m telling you all of this today because Kim has opened enrollment for one of her most popular programs today and if you answered yes to any of the questions above or are struggling, like I did, with being heard, acknowledged or understood, I’d highly recommend you check out this program.

While the names, images and descriptions of Kim’s programs are brash, don’t let the language throw you off. Kim is very authentic and gentle and her programs are powerful. Hands down, her programs have given me some of the most powerful tools for my personal healing.

If you are sensitive to harsh or raw language, I urge you not to be offended – be open, look past it and delve into the deeper meaning of Kim’s teachings.

So check out Kim’s page today.

When I first found Kim, I signed up for all of her free video series and then participated in the first program she had available at that time.

It changed my life forever.

Thank you for letting me share this very personal experience of mine. I feel safe with you as a partner in my healing journey and I hope you feel the same too!



p.s. – I’m not only a huge fan of Kim’s programs, I loved the great information she shared with us on fertility, thyroid conditions and low libido.