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10TipsForEmbracingHealthI looooove a brand new beginning, like the first day of a new month — or even better, a new year. It’s like a clean slate to start something new.

I’ve declared 2015 the year of your health revolution (no more resolutions), but what does that look like? I’ve created a top-to-bottom list of 10 steps you can take to love your body back to health — from head to toe.

1. Mind: Meditation

As you probably know, your stress and mood have a major effect on your health. Meditating is a wonderful way to reduce stress, fight depression, and quiet the monkey mind, which can clear some of that brain fog. Using a guided meditation app, like the one I mention in this post, is a great way to get started! If you’re not ready for a full meditation practice, even some deep breathing is a great way to start.

2. Mouth: Oil Pulling (using coconut oil) + general Oral Care

More and more studies are proving that oral care is vital to overall health, and one way I like to support my oral care (beyond regular brushing and flossing!) is with oil pulling. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy used to cleanse the body and enhance oral health.  Beyond helping the body’s detoxification processes, oil pulling helps remove bacteria, parasites and other toxins from your teeth and mucous membranes, and reduces inflammation in your gums.  It has also been shown to improve overall health. Find out how to do it and make it a part of your morning routine!

3. Throat: Singing (working out the 5th Chakra)

Wait, what? Yup. I’m telling you to crank up the radio, join the church choir, or belt it out in the shower — for your health. Thyroid disease is energetically a disorder of the 5th Chakra, and spiritually speaking, that Chakra gets out of balance when we keep quiet and don’t use our voice — literally and figuratively. Getting back to singing, a hobby I love, was a game changer for my health and wellbeing. Don’t worry if you can’t carry a tune! Shut the door if you have to and just let the music move you.

4. Heart: Journaling

Another game changer for my healing was starting a journaling practice. Even five minutes a day, writing out the crazies helps keep my anxiety and depression in check. Figure out how to work five minutes of self-care into your schedule for a self-care check-in on paper.

5. Lungs: 5 minute walk

Your body (and brain) needs some breathing space. My favorite way to get that breathing space is to go for a 5 minute walk. It’s about getting some fresh air, getting some sunshine, reconnecting with nature, and getting grounded. And 5 minutes is all it takes to see some benefits!

6. Belly: Go gluten-free

Giving up gluten can feel daunting, but it’s the no. 1 best thing you can do to help your belly heal. If you haven’t already done it, I want you to commit to quitting gluten right now. Your gut will thank you.

7. Digestion: Coffee Enema

I know – I KNOW! It sounds gross. But adding coffee enemas to my healing routine has made a huge difference in my health and healing. You can do this in the privacy of your own home, or find a professional colon hydrotherapist who can help you if you’re not interested in DIY.

8. Booty: HIIT (High Impact Interval Training)

When you’re dealing with thyroid disease, you have to find the right exercise balance for your body. My go-to solution for myself and my clients is high-impact interval training. The idea is to work hard for a short period of time, as little as 5 minutes, a few times a day. This kind of exercise has been shown to be just as effective (if not MORE) than traditional workouts of 30 or 60 minutes at a time.

9. Feet: Nightly Soothing Foot Massage Ritual

Massage is awesome for detoxing your body and alleviating stress. It’s a key part of my self-care routine, whether I’m at a fancy spa or rubbing my own toes at home. This cool YouTube video shows you how to do a self foot massage, but scheduling a full-body massage is also a wonderful way to love your body back to health.

10. Whole Body: Dry Brushing

BONUS! Adding dry brushing to your morning routine is an amazing way to help your body wake up in the morning (no caffeine needed!), plus it’s an excellent practice for boosting your body’s detoxifying capabilities.  All you need to get started is a good dry brush and 5 minutes or less — I like to do it right before I get into the shower in the morning.

Which of these self-care practices can you start adding to your daily routine today? Bonus points to anyone who commits to all 10! Let us know on the Facebook group and get any support you need to make it happen.

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Every day is a brand new beginning and opportunity to take action to love your body back to health!

Jen Wittman Thyroid CoachJen Wittman is a Certified Holistic Health Expert, Chef, Author & Vitality Coach, who teaches women how to reverse thyroid and autoimmune conditions naturally. She’s helped hundreds of women decrease (or even eliminate) their thyroid medications and has helped others stay off thyroid medication entirely.

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