I had a frustrating day.

I’ve been meeting with a lot of new 90-Day TLC Turnaround clients and have heard story after story lately of how they were mistreated or dismissed by their doctors.

I even heard stories of doctors giving them advice that harmed them. Advice that showed that a lack of knowledge about thyroid and autoimmune disease was shocking.

Today, in particular, I heard a staggering number of these stories.

With each client, I heard more frustration, more overwhelm, more hopelessness, more powerlessness.

It was palpable.

What struck me is how many of them thought this was only happening to them. I found myself choking back tears twice today so distressed by what I was hearing.

And then I got fed up….so now I’m talking to you.

I don’t want anyone to feel alone anymore.

It’s time to stop hiding our stories and start sharing them.

[bctt tweet=”It’s time to stop hiding our stories and start sharing them.”]

We need to go on record that the current standard of care is not acceptable and we need to come together as a community to start supporting one another.

I want to hear your story & I want to help.

So, to inspire this new dialogue amongst our amazing thyroid and autoimmune community, I’m going to give away a Power Healing Session to someone at random who stands up and bravely shares their story with us.

Ready to share your story? Here’s how you can:
1. Make a video or email your story (and a picture of yourself) to me at TLC Share Your Story

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell us your thyroid/autoimmune story
  • Tell us the tough news – what’s been challenging for you? has your voice been heard? What has your journey been like?
  • Tell us the good news – what’s been working for you? Share the love, you just might be the inspiration for someone else’s healing.

2. Submit your story by February 16th, 2014 to be entered to win a free Power Healing Session ($750 value) with me! You will be automatically entered to win once I receive your email. I’ll be drawing the winner that week.

*Please note, if you are making a video (which I would love – they’re fun!), please email me first so I can send you instructions on where to send the file.

**Video and written submissions may be posted to the Thyroid Loving Care website, YouTube Channel and on Facebook.

Join me in sharing your story. Together, we can find the support lacking in the medical system and work together to hold each other up while we reverse thyroid and autoimmune disease.

Missed the deadline? I provide many more resources on healing your thyroid naturally, including:

  • Our totally free Thyroid Healing Type Assessment, Report and Coaching Sessions
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  • My book, Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally — part memoir, part instruction manual for how I personally healed my Hashimoto’s disease.
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Jen Wittman Thyroid CoachJen Wittman is a Certified Holistic Health Expert, Chef, Author & Vitality Coach, who teaches women how to reverse thyroid and autoimmune conditions naturally. She’s helped hundreds of women decrease (or even eliminate) their thyroid medications and has helped others stay off thyroid medication entirely.

Through her free Thyroid Healing Type Assessment, Jen teaches easy and simple steps to thyroid healing that can fit into your busy day. She also provides print outs to bring to your next doctor’s appointment so you can get the support and respect you deserve.