Let me tell you about these two amazing people who I’ve never met but who I’ve felt a kindred connection to for a while.

When I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, my digestion was in shreds. I couldn’t eat a thing without having some sort of reaction – a pesky cough, tight chest, eczema and may stomach upset. I couldn’t get any help from my doctors about what I should eat to make all this go away. So I researched…and learned about the connection between gut health, adrenal health and thyroid function.

Over and over again, I read accounts of the Paleo diet reversing the symptoms I was experiencing. I was afraid to take the plunge though. In my mind, it sounded like that “crazy” Atkins diet. And because I had been trained in the accepted, traditional nutrition concepts of the day, eating a diet without grains seemed like a fad diet that could do harm.

One day, I decided I didn’t want to suffer with these symptoms anymore and that it was worth giving Paleo a try. And even though I was a trained chef, I wasn’t sure what to make and what to eat. Through a little happy web searching, I found PaleOMG and that changed my life forever.

Juli Bauer, of PaleOMG, should be my best friend. From the first post I read, I was in love. She’s funny and irreverent and was my kind of girl. She made Paleo sound fun, delicious and simple to do. Through her blog, I felt like I wouldn’t be deprived by this diet but instead to the sense it would be joyful and nourishing. Juli unknowingly helped me through those early days of Paleo – through her humor, her stories and her scrumptious recipes!

George Bryant, of Civilized Caveman, may be the best human being alive. Anyone who is part of B-school has seen this man’s generosity, beautiful posts and has been inspired by his love for his lady love, life in general and people everywhere. George is one great caveman and one exceptional man. He should be cloned.

I had been following Civilized Caveman for a while but for some reason hadn’t put the name with the blog. Through a brilliant moment of fate, we found ourselves chatting in the B-school forum convinced that we already knew each other without knowing how. Well, as small worlds go, our 1 degree of separation was none other than the amazing Sean Croxton of The Thyroid Sessions.

Anyway, these two passionate Paleos, Juli & George, recently teamed up to create one of the best cookbooks I’ve ever laid my eyes on – and I’m a cookbook hoarder (er, I mean connoisseur.)

The Paleo Kitchen 3To say that The Paleo Kitchen has everything you want in a cookbook is an understatement. This is a Paleo bible for your kitchen.

The Paleo Kitchen takes you through the basics of Paleo eating, through your pantry, through your kitchen, through the grocery store all the through the meal on your table. It gives you the tools you need to start enjoying the Paleo lifestyle in a clear and straightforward way.

And then there are the recipes! Don’t get me started on the recipes. As a Midwestern girl, they had me at Biscuits & Gravy. But there’s much, much more from breakfast favorites, to delightful appetizers to vibrant lunches and dinners. Just the pictures alone make me want to eat this book, literally.

The recipes are simple, delicious and a cure-all from menu planning boredom. In fact, I was so inspired by The Paleo Kitchen that I’m going to cook from the book throughout the month of June in a new video series for Thyroid Foodie! I can’t wait to show you the ease and simplicity of Paleo cooking to reverse thyroid & autoimmune disease.

Juli & George hit a home run with The Paleo Kitchen. It’s a must-have for those in any stage of Paleo living and for those ready to be inspired! Grab your copy at the special pre-order price here.

Whether you eat Paleo or not, if you’re done suffering with symptoms and are ready to give something new a try, I provide a ton of resources on healing your thyroid naturally, including:

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You don’t have to be a trained chef to eat food that nourishes you! The best diet is the one that works for you and supports your own healing journey.

Jen Wittman is a Certified Holistic Health Expert, Chef, Author & Vitality Coach, who teaches women how to reverse thyroid and autoimmune conditions naturally. She’s helped hundreds of women decrease (or even eliminate) their thyroid medications and has helped others stay off thyroid medication entirely.

Through her free Thyroid Healing Type Assessment, Jen teaches easy and simple steps to thyroid healing that can fit into your busy day. She also provides print outs to bring to your next doctor’s appointment so you can get the support and respect you deserve.