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…and how to reduce, eliminate or even avoid thyroid meds when you have a thyroid condition! You know, as a coach, I’ve heard just about every cockamamie myth out there about thyroid disease. Thyroid conditions are one of the least understood diagnoses, especially for Western physicians who have been stuck in a medical and health […]

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Start the morning sweetly, with a grounding mug of warm Golden Milk. This recipe curbs cravings, balances blood sugar, and reduces inflammation. The warming ginger boosts digestion and tames tummy troubles. This drink is golden indeed! Start the morning sweetly, with a grounding mug of warm Golden Milk. This recipe curbs cravings, balances blood sugar, […]

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Are you wondering if it’s even possible to heal your thyroid and overcome all your symptoms? When I was first diagnosed, it didn’t seem like I would ever get to feel “normal” again. I was told by almost every doctor I met with that medication was my only option. I wasn’t given much hope. Before […]

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Back by popular demand  – we’ve got Dr. Jolene Brighten back today, sharing some serious wisdom on herbs that can help with pregnancy. Title: 6 Doctor Recommended Herbs for Pregnancy By Dr. Jolene Brighten, ND Herbs can make a wonderful addition to your self care plan during pregnancy. In addition to delivering an array of […]

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Want to eliminate thyroid symptoms naturally and jumpstart healing? Try our #1 thyroid healing tip!

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