…and how to reduce, eliminate or even avoid thyroid meds when you have a thyroid condition!

You know, as a coach, I’ve heard just about every cockamamie myth out there about thyroid disease.

Thyroid conditions are one of the least understood diagnoses, especially for Western physicians who have been stuck in a medical and health insurance system that promotes medication-only solutions during appointments lasting less than 15 minutes.

I know this was the case for me when I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. And I truly felt alone.

Every where I turned, I wasn’t getting any answers and often times felt disregarded by friends, family and my doctor. No one understood what I was going through…because they couldn’t see it. Thyroid conditions are so invisible except to the person who is suffering from them.

And, the changes I read I should make to feel better seemed overwhelming and daunting… but day-by-day, I was eventually able to reverse the condition and feel good in my body again; dare I say normal again too!

So, I recently discussed this more in-depth with host Bridgit Danner of Hormones: A Women’s Wellness Summit.

We discussed not only my healing journey, but how to get family and friends to understand what you’re going through and what it took for me to cross that bridge past the overwhelm, anxiety and debilitating symptoms to a vibrant and happy life again.

Now, don’t worry, we’ll get to the Common Myths in just a second…but I thought it was important to share the interview here because I cover exactly what to do to get your friends and family to not only understand what you’re going through but to support you in healing as well. (Watch now.)


Now, back to the Common Myths….

It’s no wonder that so many people (and doctors) are confused about thyroid disease and how to heal. The system isn’t designed to support either party. So today, I compiled a list of the top 6 myths I hear over and over again from my clients in the hope that I can help you clear up some confusion you may feel.

Plus, I’m going to talk about the solution that’s helped hundreds of my clients reduce, eliminate or even avoid medications long-term.

A few weeks ago, I ran a workshop on the Top Thyroid Myths out there, what the truth is about thyroid function and the steps you can take to begin healing naturally.

As a busy mom, I understand how hard it is to get 5 minutes of silence to even complete a thought or focus on your health.

…so I wrote this with all you busy moms and professionals in mind.

The information in the article is important enough that I’m asking you to read the post through to the end.  I want you to have a complete understanding of what could be standing in your way so you can avoid the common pitfalls that keep you sick.

What I’m sharing with you in this post is part of our popular Thyroid Fix in 6 group thyroid healing program.

Go through this interactive post at your own pace – it’s broken down into paragraphs that can be read in 15 seconds. Or you can watch the video clips to learn more – each one takes less than 3 minutes to watch. Plus, I give you one simple action step to do to combat each myth to put you on the path toward healing. Enjoy!

Thyroid Confusion

Let’s start here – where it all begins…total thyroid confusion. How did we get here? Where is all the mis-information coming from?..and what can we do about it? Watch below to learn more.

Does this sound like you?

Here’s the crazy thing – that myth floating around there being touted as fact has been repeated over and over again…and you likely believed it was true (I know I used to believe some of these too!) See if you can relate to any of these feelings and situations? Watch to see if this sounds like you.

Why traditional health care is failing thyroid sufferers.

Oy. Don’t get me started! Just watch the short video so we can chat about it.

Your Body is NOT Broken.

Do you often feel that your body is failing you? That you’re broken somehow? That you can’t be fixed? Well, I call hooey on that and this is why…


OK, So let’s dive in so we can get you answers and, more importantly, empowered. ..because you do have the power.  The power to dictate your health care and the power to heal.

So now I’m going to go through the six biggest myths I see about thyroid disease, but pay close attention, because after each myth there’s going to be a slide that says, “Give Yourself some TLC,” and when you see that slide, that’s your cue to perk up and pay attention, because I’m going to give you an action step you can take away to overcome that particular myth or problem, OK?

Myth #1: “I have normal TSH levels, so I can’t have a thyroid problem.”

This myth has long been perpetrated by Western medicine, and I’d like to give any doctor who tells his patient this a good shake. Your TSH levels can be well within normal ranges and you can still be having health problems related to your thyroid. There are so many different ways your thyroid can malfunction, because it is so directly connected to so many body processes. More in the video below….

Myth #2: My doctor said that your diet doesn’t affect your thyroid and “I’ve already gone off gluten, dairy, and soy but I’m still not feeling better.”

I wish I could tell you that going a few days, or even a few weeks without those offending foods would magically heal you, but the truth is the damage done to your digestive tract didn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t always heal overnight either. In my experience, my clients need a minimum of six weeks to start to notice a change in the way they feel on their new diet. For some, it can take much longer to fully repair the damage but with time it CAN be done! I go into this a bit more in the video below. Join me there!

Myth #3: “A low-calorie diet and exercise is the best way to lose the weight I gained because of my thyroid problem.”

Too much exercise and too much of the wrong kinds of foods can actually make your thyroid problems — and weight problems — worse. When my clients have been struggling to lose weight and I tell them to cut back on the exercise and add more healthy fat to their diet, they are all shocked! But they’re even more shocked and thrilled when it works. The old “calories in, calories out” method doesn’t work when the delicate balance of hormones in your body is all wonky due to thyroid issues! Learn more about weight loss in the video below.

Myth #4: Detoxing is a fad that won’t improve your health.

OK, myth number 4 is that detoxing is a fad.  You’ve probably seen lots of health coaches out there promoting their detox plans for everything from acne to sleep problems. But with thyroid problems, your body’s detox pathways and your thyroid health are intimately connected. Learn more about why detoxing is important ESPECIALLY if you have a thyroid condition.

Myth #5: You will be on thyroid medication the rest of your life.

After working with hundreds of women to reduce, eliminate or even avoid thyroid medication entirely, I can tell you that being on thyroid medication forever isn’t always a necessity. It truly depends on your unique situation and how your body responds to a variety of factors. Watch the video below as we take a deeper dive into thyroid medication.

Myth #6: Stress has no relation to your thyroid or healing.

I can’t tell you how many times I went to a doctor who told me that nothing could be done when it came to my thyroid. I was told my diet didn’t matter, that no exercise would help and that my stress level couldn’t affect my thyroid. And I’m calling a bunch of hooey on that! See why…


The End of Myths and Misinformation

It took me years and thousands of dollars to splice out fact from fiction. Not understanding the truth about thyroid healing kept me from feeling my best for too long. I spent so much time angry at my body – angry at my husband and friends for not understanding what I was going through – angry at all the doctors who weren’t able to get to the root of the problem.

But you know, sometimes a little anger is just what is needed to make the decision to change your situation. I got so frustrated that I began reading every book, bought every course and tried every alternative therapy I could find.

I spent TWO YEARS and 10’s of thousands of dollars finding out what worked, throwing out what didn’t work and now I’m at a place where I know, based on how I feel today, that I have discovered the secret to not only feeling fabulous, but I’ve got lab results to prove it…

I took my life back and so can you.

If you’d like to learn the exact steps I took get my life back – the life I had before this crazy condition took hold – before the brain fog, anxiety, overwhelm, weight gain, hair loss and fatigue – the life where you can feel normal again, I’d love to tell you about the comprehensive thyroid plan I’ve created ….and to become YOUR thyroid love coach.

My proven thyroid plan is called The Thyroid Fix in 6. It’s a program perfect for moms and professionals who need practical strategies and solutions that fit into your busy life…you know, the real world!

How To Fit Time In To Heal

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that so many healing programs out there are created by people who are not juggling kids or a crazy career and they ask you to do things that are virtually impossible to do in the real world. Sure, if you live off the grid, it might work but so many of these programs are quite frankly, impractical. I know, because I tried them all. One of them even had me in tears with all the cooking and canning and I’m a professionally trained chef!

So, as a busy mom with a 60 hour a week job, I want to teach you the actual steps I took to heal…all the ones that worked for me AND fit into my busy life.

And since we’re all busy here, let me just cut to the chase:

  • This program is super practical! (because it can be done on your own time and at your own pace)
  • This plan is the real deal! (it’s 6 simple modules that cover food, gut, stress, anxiety, fitness, detox, symptoms, sleep, adrenals, libido, fertility and more. You name it, we’re talking about it…except we don’t talk about medication. That’s between you and your doctor)
  • The people in this group are amazing! (we’ve got an awesome group of women that are taking back their lives, one day at a time – they’re supportive and compassionate and super fun and funny too! We laugh a lot over in our private facebook group so come join us!)

Learn what to do, and why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Through our amazing community, thyroid health modules and recorded coaching calls, I also help you overcome obstacles and get over hurdles that keep you from healing.  So, if you get confused or overwhelmed at any point along your journey, I will get you back on track by giving you feedback or getting you to do the things you know you should be doing, but aren’t doing… for whatever reason. I’m walking by your side throughout your healing journey and handing you all the techniques that worked for me and my clients on a silver platter.

This program is designed to work with your doctor’s recommendations.

While you can absolutely follow this program yourself, it has been designed to help support your doctor’s recommendations. In fact, many of my client’s doctors have been relieved that they are using this step-by-step program which outlines exactly what foods to eat and what self-care practices to do to re-balance the body and eliminate the symptoms.  Doctors today barely have enough time to spend with you at your appointment, let alone to help you with dietary and lifestyle changes on a daily basis. I’m here to help you each and every day as a partner in your healing journey.

Healing doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

It’s important to me that you can get access to these practical tools even if your budget is stretched…because let me tell you, I know all too well, what it feels like to spend every last dime on your health and healing…and I want you to keep your dimes for getting a massage or something super fun! So, I want you to have access to this program, silver platter and all, at a price you can afford.

I want you to be happy.

Now, one thing I need to tell you is that I am highly protective of my Thyroid Fix in 6-ers. Our private Facebook community is one of compassion, love and support.  AND, I only work with women who are ready to take action, make the necessary changes and do the work.

This system isn’t for you if you just want “try it out.”  This program works…if you’re willing to do the work.  And, you need to make the commitment to yourself that you are ready to feel better and take action. Take 7 days to dive into the program and begin taking the action steps taught. If, for any reason within that first 7 days, you don’t feel this program is a good fit for you, simply email us and we’ll refund your payment.

I do this to honor our current group of women who have decided they want to get well. We’re here to support you on those rough days and cheer on your successes; but those who aren’t willing to do the work, need not apply.  As a coach, I need to focus my time and energy on positive, inspired action.  Serious students see serious results.  I’ll show up fully for you so you start you feeling amazing, but you’ve gotta be committed to showing up fully for yourself as well.  Fair enough?

Awesome! My goal is to keep busting myths and providing you with the tools to help you look, feel, love and live your best! And I look forward to seeing more of you in our Thyroid Fix in 6 community!

With love, Jen