I can remember the first time I saw it.  Our friends, Dave and Alejandra were over for a visit shortly after my son was born, four years ago.  As they’re about to leave, they ask, “Have you guys seen this David after the dentist thing?”  We hadn’t.  We’d been in a vortex of baby spit-up, poopy diapers, sleep deprivation torture and of wondering who would allow us to actually be in charge of caring for a child.  I hadn’t even showered in a week so I certainly didn’t know what the latest hot video on YouTube was.

Feeling overtired and moody, I kind of shrugged my shoulders at the prospect of booting up the computer to watch a video.  What happened next was fantastic though – I couldn’t stop laughing.  Big belly laughs too.  I thought this video was the most hilarious thing I’d ever seen and a wee bit cruel (in a loving way) that this parent got so much pleasure from his child’s medicated, slightly hallucinogenic meltdown.  All this laughter pushed the cobwebs out of my sluggish body and my spirit.  I was immediately energized, happy and reinvigorated.  I watched it time and time again over the weeks to come.  Each viewing lightening the load of excited yet exhausted new parenting.

“Laughter is the best medicine” is often thrown around casually however, there is some serious evidence out there that introducing a healthy dose of laughter into your day can heal what ails you and be just what the doctor ordered.  Find out how  “laugh therapy” can help you heal disease, relieve stress and reduce emotional and physical pain.

Laughter is actually a contagious emotion – I know this because whenever I see someone trip (spoiler alert – this is an evil quality of mine), I will start cracking up uncontrollably no matter how hard I try not to.  I know it’s not funny.  I can’t help it though.  I even laugh at myself with the same vigor when I trip (which is ALL the time) if that makes you feel better.  Anyway, usually I witness this sort of thing while I’m in a group and although no one else may have seen the person trip, my friends will start laughing heartily just because I happen to be laughing so hard (and snorting a little).  It’s like they can’t help themselves but they don’t even know what we’re laughing at.  Contagious, I say!

[bctt tweet=”“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” ― Victor Borge”]

LaughingWhen a person begins laughing like that, it releases a set of physiological changes in the brain and body that relieves stress and pain.  A good laugh brings your body and mind back into balance and helps you become more present. Laughing takes you out of moments filled with stress or conflict.  It’s also free and a great method for healing. Here’s what else laughter can do for you.

  1. Protects your heart from cardiovascular disease and heart attack – Engaging in some hearty daily laughter increases blood flow and improves the function of blood vessels. By doing that, laughter protects you from all sorts of cardiovascular problems.  What!?!  That’s huge!
  2. Boosts your immune system – when you laugh, you become more resistant to disease.  The action of laughing increases disease-fighting antibodies, immune cells and decreases stress hormones in the body.
  3. Relaxes you, Boo – anyone else a fan of Iyanla?  I love how she calls grown men “Boo” to their faces as she coaches them.  You know who’s in charge there…but I digress.  When you have a really good laugh, it releases chemicals which relieve physical tension and stress.  I just recently read that your muscles can stay relaxed for up for 45 minutes after you get a serious giggle in.  Throw on some “Iyanla, Fix My Life.”  You won’t be sorry!
  4. Makes you happy – The act of laughing triggers the release of endorphins which create an overall sense of well being.  Endorphins are the body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals and can also relieve pain.  And, when have you been crabby after a great laugh?  You can’t be…it’s impossible.

Want to learn more?  Enjoy these articles from from CancerCenter.com (“Laughter Therapy”) and Yoga Journal (The Laughter Cure)

So go ahead, get your laugh on and start feeling better!  Watch “David After Dentist” one time….or maybe a thousand times in a row, like I did.  Have you ever watched a funny movie or video to intentionally change your mood?  Did it work?  Leave a comment below with your favorite comic, funny article or video (keep it clean, folks!)

If I’m laughing, I’m probably snorting….

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