After years of living on a thyroid-friendly diet — no gluten, no dairy, no soy — I knew that giving up inflaming foods was a huge part of my recovery, and I loved the way I felt…

But that doesn’t mean it was always easy.  

I hated feeling left out at parties and social events when a delicious dish came out that had everyone raving.  I hated the feeling that I had to be constantly vigilant — or risk spending the night in the bathroom or doubled over in pain after getting accidentally glutened.

And mostly, I just missed some of my favorite foods that I thought I’d have to go without for the rest of my life.

But then I found a magic pill — literally!  I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.


First, let’s talk about your gut health is so important…

Can you heal your leaky gut?

The foundation of healing your thyroid is repairing the leaky gut.

Leaky gut is when food toxins (like gluten) or chemicals (including preservative additives and pesticides) breach the natural barrier in the intestines and make their way into the bloodstream. It can manifest itself in many ways, but it’s crucial to heal the leaky gut and limit inflammation in your body if you want to heal your thyroid.

Poor gut health is intricately connected to low thyroid function and additionally, can trigger Hashimoto’s disease.

When your thyroid isn’t functioning optimally, it causes inflammation and immune dysregulation which in turn causes a leaky gut. The leaky gut then causes more inflammation and immune dysregulation which then further harms the thyroid. Press repeat. The cycle of destruction is endless if it is not addressed.

An inflamed and leaky gut contributes to just about every disease out there.

Why? The gut is host to 70% of your immune tissue in your body. These tissues store immune cells that carry out attacks and produce antibodies if there is a foreign invader or potential threats. That’s a really good function if you have a bacteria or virus coming in for attack.

However, when these protective functions are compromised, the intestinal barrier becomes permeable (leaky) meaning stuff escapes through it into the bloodstream. Since food proteins (like casein, gluten, et al) don’t belong outside of the gut, the body initiates an immune response and attacks them. (This is what creates an “allergic” response or food sensitivity.) The problem comes in when the body turns the attack on itself in response to the protein (think gluten) and, as in the case of Hashimoto’s, inadvertently attacks the thyroid gland.

Studies have shown that these attacks are linked to the development of all types of autoimmune disease.

Tight junctions keep the barrier of the stomach and small intestine impermeable; meaning that proteins can’t pass through. That’s what we want. Thyroid hormones strongly influence the tight junctions in the gut. However, when thyroid health is compromised, the gut can become inflamed leading to further permeability just continuing the cycle.

Inflammation in the gut also increases cortisol levels, and too much cortisol (the stress hormone) in the system presents a cascading set of challenges including weight gain and further thyroid degeneration.

And, new research is showing that the same genetic components that cause autoimmune thyroiditis are also predictors for celiac disease — which is a true allergy to gluten.

One major component to healing a leaky gut is having the right gut-bacteria balance. Bacteria in the gut actually assist in converting 20% of inactive T4 into the active form of T3. This is what we use to balance our body’s metabolic functions. This is what we need to have good energy, feel right in our bodies and to keep our weight stable.

And that’s where my magic pill comes in.

Probiotics for a complete digestive overhaul

As I said, I had long been working with my diet to help heal my leaky gut, but I realized that I was only treating one part of the problem.  So I decided to add a new probiotic to my routine.

After taking MegaSporeBiotic for only a few weeks, I noticed a complete shift in my digestive health:

  • Suddenly, I wasn’t reacting to gluten cross contamination at all (and I used to have an anaphylactic reaction if there was any cross contamination).
  • I could eat cheese without any symptoms — which used to include my face breaking out in a rash.
  • And I was having regular, consistent, painless bowel movements every day. (Hey, I try to keep it real.)

While I still stick to my whole foods diet filled with high quality proteins, vegetables, fruits and nuts, I can travel anywhere now and not worry about foods that used to aggravate my system — because nothing does now!

I also have more energy than ever since starting this probiotic. Quite literally, everything in my body seems to be processing better.

Why did I choose MegaSporeBiotic?

Of course, I knew that probiotics could help balance my gut bacteria for years, but I never found a probiotic that really delivered outstanding results… nor believed there was a magic pill.

Until now.

That’s because not all probiotics are created equal. For a probiotic to perform its function, it has to actually survive the stomach’s harsh environment and arrive to the intestines alive. A true probiotic should also be a species found in our environment, as well as in our digestive system.

But more than 95% of probiotic products on the market today don’t meet these criteria!

The most researched and widely used true probiotic strains are from the bacillus species. MegaSporeBiotic™ contains strains that have been proven to slow the growth of unwanted bacteria and yeast, while strengthening the immune response and producing essential nutrients at the site of absorption.

The strains in MegaSporeBiotic have a tough natural outer shell that protects them from the stomach acid. This key feature is what makes them effective and what separates it from all other probiotic products.

MegaSporeBiotic is also the first commercial probiotic strain that produces a significant amount carotenoid antioxidants in the digestive tract where they can be efficiently absorbed. This amazing nutrient factory is the first use of a probiotic to deliver highly bioavailable, essential micronutrients — and it’s essential for good thyroid and overall health!

In addition, these super-bugs help improve your digestion of food, which helps you absorb more of the nutrients. A common problem for people with thyroid disease and related inflammation is that we don’t absorb all the nutrients from our food because of all the inflammation in our gut. MegaSporeBiotic helps us produce and absorb more of those critical nutrients, including carotenoids, vitamins, and enzymes.

Plus, MegaSporeBiotic is convenient, uncomplicated, and easy to use because it doesn’t require refrigeration. If a probiotic is so fragile it requires refrigeration, how will it survive the high temperatures and acidity of the stomach? (Here’s a hint: It won’t.) MegaSporeBiotic survives and arrives at the site of colonization alive, so it can perform its probiotic job!

I’ve been testing MegaSporeBiotic out on myself and with my private clients for months, including clients with IBS, Crohn’s and SIBO and we have all been having great results.

It’s easy to take, works fast, and works incredibly well.

Learn more about MegaSporeBiotic Now!


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Jen Wittman is a Certified Holistic Health Expert, Chef, Author & Vitality Coach, who teaches women how to reverse thyroid and autoimmune conditions naturally. She’s helped hundreds of women decrease (or even eliminate) their thyroid medications and has helped others stay off thyroid medication entirely.

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