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To be or not to be…that REALLY is the question.

What does it mean to be a human being?

We’ve talked about this many times whether it comes to shame, anxiety or just being a busy professional or parent:

Are you a human being  or a human doing?

When I turned 40 this year, a light went off (big birthdays tend to do that for folks), and I realized I was showing up in my work, my family life, and for myself in a way that wasn’t true to me. The previous two years, I’d seen my good health (which I fought for after a Hashimoto’s diagnosis) start to unwind. I was sick or symptomatic more often, my hair was turning gray really fast and I was holding a lot of anger.


Because I was playing by others’ rules, especially when it came to my work. I became a workhorse really. I was churning out free resources for my community, hardly asking for payment in return for my services and eventually burning out from the onslaught of requests to do more, be more, give more.

I was a production machine. Besides all the free resources, I wrote a book, created an online coaching program and a video series all within 6 months. It almost killed me… And for what?

I didn’t have free time to explore the new region I’d moved to — I mean I live in redwoods and wine country now! Exploration should be mandatory here.

But no. I was spending 12-15 hours a day, shut in my house, working at the computer, being the best human doing out there… but not much of a human being.

The irony of it all was that I was sitting there teaching others how to balance their own lives. I was writing about my favorite shortcuts to healing and living the life of our dreams… but I wasn’t doing that myself.

So, there I sat, on the eve of turning 40, and realizing it all had to change.

I had to take charge of my life, to live my true dreams and to stop hustling, striving, trying to be perfect for everyone else as a friend, relative, mom, wife, coach. I was ready to reconnect with me.

I miss the me who is happy and makes jokes, the adventurer and explorer, the girl who has patience and warmth for others because she’s filled with gratitude and glee and has enough to go around.

That used to be me.

So I went in search for her.

The video above reminded me of all I’ve done to become a human being again.

It feels great. In 9 days, I leave for Italy for a trip by myself for inspiration and connection.

As women, we often don’t get or take time for ourselves to just check-in, to remember our dreams, to fill our own cups.

I start my new-new life the moment I step on that plane. I declared on my 40th birthday that I’d be going to Italy this year. I declared I’d stop coaching by someone else’s rules that way I could actually give more life changing support. I declared I’d fill my days with to-be’s and not to-do’s.

And I’ve done it. I made that shift over the past several months.

I want to keep this going. Will you hold me accountable?

Follow me on my adventures as I live my best thyroid life. We are all free from the rules that say we have to stay stuck in our health or life because of our circumstances. It’s a LIE! Our power is our own. It’s in our hands to change our health, joy and fulfillment.

Will you watch me take that first step on the plane to Italy?

I hope to see you there. I’ll be posting my adventures along the way. You can follow me here on the blog, Facebook and on twitter @ThyroidHappy and posting with the hashtag #bestthyroidlife. I hope you’ll come with me and post your own adventures in be-ing with the same hashtag to inspire yourself and others.

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