ponte-vecchio-sunsetHello! I’m back from Italy now and I have some surprising things to tell you…in fact, I’m still a little shocked about my experience in Italy – what a difference a year makes!

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that every year, I take a self-care, self-love, joy filled trip to my beloved Italy.

Last year I went, and while I had a blast, I had a lot of digestive problems.

Although I was super careful about what I ate while I was there last year, I found I really couldn’t tolerate any dairy, alcohol, coffee or legumes. I found I felt very weighed down every time I ate and eventually, I started to eat smaller and smaller meals as my trip went on because I wasn’t feeling my best.

It was a bit of a bummer because I love to eat and I LOVE Italian food.


Now you may remember, when I returned from Italy, I went straight to a Thyroid Mastermind for experts to learn new healing therapies and techniques. That was where I was first introduced to a seriously revolutionary probiotic.

While I was listening to the science and the real-world stories of success, I was still skeptical but I thought I’d come home and give it a try.

For the first three months, I kept that a secret. It is important to me to test out protocols before I’d ever make a recommendation to you. I want to understand the experience first-hand – the benefits and any pitfalls or symptoms that could arise.

When it came to MegasporeBiotic, there were no pitfalls.

In fact, I very quickly began to enjoy eating without any symptoms so much so that I put my 7-year old son on the probiotic as well. He had been riddled with food sensitivities since birth…painful bloating, constipation and difficult bowel movements. And…

burgers-at-fishing-labAfter I experienced how safe and effective it was for me, I began recommending it to my private coaching clients. Successes all around! And after testing it some more, I began recommending it to you.

What was most surprising to me was that 7 months in, my doctor told me I HAD NO DETECTABLE LEVELS OF LEAKY GUT.

He tested that through an extremely thorough blood test, stool analysis and organic acids test. Everywhere he looked for signs of inflammation and gut dysbiosis came back clear….

Wait. What?! I was shocked, but that’s exactly what he said, “No detectable levels.”

I was in disbelief truly…that’s why I hadn’t told my community that yet. I didn’t want to raise hopes too high and I wanted to test this some more…I needed proof…and the proof was in the Italian pudding this year!


This time, I ate to my heart’s content in Italy.

I’m having no issues with coffee, alcohol, dairy, legumes and even…wait for it…gluten!

Yes, I ate regular pizza both at the Milan train station and at the Pisa airport and felt nothing. I mean, I really waited for my stomach to explode but it didn’t. Nothing happened.

Now, I wouldn’t eat gluten-filled foods in the States because our wheat is so different – bred to be more glutinous and sprayed with toxic glyphosate (Round Up).

But I can tell you, the difference in my gut from this year to last is incredible and it does seem from the testing and my experience that leaky gut is gone….and the only thing I changed was adding MegasporeBiotic to my life.

My son has also added dairy to his diet and if he ends up enjoying a gluten-filled cupcake or treat at a birthday party, he doesn’t react. He’s so much happier having that freedom.

You know, it’s hard for a kid to have to worry about his diet all the time…as it is for many of us. And while, in our home we eat a whole foods, paleo-ish, gluten-free diet, it’s such a relief to feel free when we have less control over our food.


If you are still having symptoms of a leaky gut, food reactions and low energy, I highly encourage you to look into MegasporeBiotic for your health.

After a year of incorporating it into my healing plan, it’s clear to me, it’s made a major improvement in my life.

Now that I’ve fixed the gut, I’m looking for the best things to do and eat for anti-aging. It’s my new pet project so stay tuned!