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Back by popular demand  – we’ve got Dr. Jolene Brighten back today, sharing some serious wisdom on herbs that can help with pregnancy. Title: 6 Doctor Recommended Herbs for Pregnancy By Dr. Jolene Brighten, ND Herbs can make a wonderful addition to your self care plan during pregnancy. In addition to delivering an array of […]

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Dr. Jolene Brighten, ND shares with us today, 6 great tips for supporting your adrenals after having a baby. ———————————————————— You may have been warned about the massive fluctuations in hormones after childbirth. The fallout from the rapid drop in estrogen and progesterone in the weeks following birth results in different symptoms for different women, […]

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Breakfasts! They can be tricky.  And in just two days, I’ll be flying back to the U.S. after two weeks in Italy, to meet my good friend, thyroid and hormone expert, Magdalena Wszelaki for a conference on innovative treatments for thyroid conditions. Magda and I are renting an apartment together during this conference because a) […]

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If your face is red or inflamed, it could be due to adult acne, one of the most embarrassing and least well-understood skin problems out there. Adult acne can be caused by lots of different things, but it’s rarely treated by addressing the root causes.  One of those root causes can be low thyroid — […]

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  Your health and happiness are linked in complex and direct ways.  You are probably already aware that thyroid disease can have side effects like depression, mood swings, and brain fog, but what you may not know is that actively cultivating happiness can be an important healing tool.     Serotonin, happiness, and gut feelings […]

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