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Have you had those days when you feel as though you can’t possibly lift your head off your pillow? The days in which the physical, mental and emotional effects of your condition seem to be conspiring to sabotage your once-normal life? Or maybe you don’t even remember what it is to feel normal anymore? Ever […]

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…plus how strengthening my pelvic floor accidentally taught me to be more confident, powerful, and vocal about my needs… What do you think of when I say “vaginal kung fu?” A brand of female ninjas running around? An kick a$$ punk band? A group like Fight Club…but for women? Actually, it’s an incredible program I’ve […]

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I think I’m doing everything right, but I’m still not feeling any better! I hear this from my clients and community sometimes, and it’s a desperate cry for help. These women have tried literally everything to heal their Hashimoto’s: they’ve changed their diet, changed their lifestyle, balanced their hormones, addressed their adrenals… But they’re still […]

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You go into your doctor with some concerns about your health — maybe you’re feeling exhausted and lethargic, no energy, you’ve unexpectedly gained some weight, you’re fighting insomnia and brain fog… Or worse, you’ve found a lump at the base of your throat. What seems like an achingly long time and dozens of tests later, […]

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