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At this time of year (especially if your thyroid is already taxed), it is important to protect yourself from stress and from overtaxing your adrenals glands.  So today, I’m quite excited to feature a guest post from Dr. Alan Christianson, author of The Adrenal Reset Diet. In the article below, Dr. Christianson gives us his […]

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Diego's Green Machine This fresh green juice makes a great nutrient dense snack or lunch beverage. 3 cucumbers6-7 celery stalks6-8 leaves chard1 handful parsley4-5 apples1-3 inch piece of ginger* (no need to peel)juice of 1-2 lemons Hand squeeze lemon juice into the juice containerAdd all of the rest of the fruits and vegetables into juicerJuice [...]Continue Reading

…and how to reduce, eliminate or even avoid thyroid meds when you have a thyroid condition! You know, as a coach, I’ve heard just about every cockamamie myth out there about thyroid disease. Thyroid conditions are one of the least understood diagnoses, especially for Western physicians who have been stuck in a medical and health […]

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I waited over a year to share what I had been doing to reverse Hashimoto’s and heal my thyroid. I needed to test it. I needed to make sure it was legit…and I wanted to make sure that it really worked. For almost a decade, I’ve been researching and testing foods, supplements, medical and alternative […]

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If you haven’t heard of Vitamin K2 – it can save lives…and not in a small way…in the big ways. We’re talking protection against cancer. Protection against diabetes. Protection against osteoporosis and osteopenia. Protection for your heart. Kinda important right? When I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, I started researching Vitamin K2. This was sooo […]

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